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Learn Batch Programming | Basics of Batch - Part I - Understanding CMD Completely

Learn Batch Programming: Learning is about trying to understand the basics and fine elements of anything. So, If you are not clear about the basics of anything in life - You can't get advance in it. And, As you all know - that I wrote a small Book (not completed) named as Batch Programming Decoded. From, which you can learn and start making your own innovative batch projects using notepad.

But, I've seen most of the people - Love to learn by the interactive manner. So, A video lesson is always 10x better than the batch programming tutorial pdf version of the same thing. So, I decided to convert the book into the video Series for the sake of beginners.

Learn Batch Programming | Basics of Batch - Part I

I've tried to be as brief and to the point as I can. But, still, if you want to suggest any improvement in video recording, content, editing or anything else... You are welcome in the comments field below. I'll try to work on your advice in the near future.

Topics Covered in this First Part of Series

The Power Of CMD (doing Bulk actions in single Enter)
  • Why Batch Files???
  • Basic Requirements for Batch Scripting / Programming …
  • Modes of interaction with System
      • Interactive mode
      • Batch Mode (Silent Mode)
  • Introduction to CMD.exe
  • How Cmd Works?
  • What is a Command?
  • Types of Commands :
      • Internal Commands
      • External Commands
  • How Cmd reacts to Your Commands?
      • Cmd Doesn't know 'anything'  -TheMarkusGuy
  • Some Basic Commands of Cmd :
          • Echo
          • Pause
          • Cls
          • Title
          • Dir
          • cd
          • md
          • Goto

The video may seem a little boring to you - as it contains a lot of theory topics than the practical examples. So, is the first part of the book. So, don't expect too much from this first video - You will definitely get greater interactive examples & understanding in the next parts. So, be with me in this part. And, try to understand things as a beginner would do.

Reference Book material (to read):

If you like to go through the small 20 pages PDF for the better understanding of what is being told in the tutorial. You can get the PDF version of the video (slightly better than the video itself) from the link given below. Simply Download it and correlate with the video - The book is written in simple and easy to understand language. And, alot of programs examples are provided where needed.

Download Batch Programming Decoded - I

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