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3D TEXT EFFECT IN BATCH | Typography Function 1.0 by Kvc

Typography Function: This time, we are back with another amazing tool (plugin) for making your batch programming easy and effective. This will certainly help you in making awesome looking batch files. By awesome looking – we mean that you can improve the user interface, GUI or other design factors of your simple batch program to make it more attractive and appealing.

Typography function 1.0 – By Kvc

The Typography function will become the main tool for the batch programmers for editing amazing text (not simple ones). And, effects on the console, as it prints a text string on the console in a very unique way. So, how is it different from the Echo command? Let us show you an example of it, with a picture. Which will clarify 90% of your doubts, The rest of the 10% we will clarify. That’s why we are here.

Echo. Vs. Typo.

So, now we think that you can simply differentiate between the two text strings “Hello World” Written above on the console screen. The lower one (small size) is written by using the in-built function ‘Echo’. And, the upper one (Bigger size) is written by using ‘The Typography function’.

3D TEXT EFFECT in Batch – Typography Function

We’ve analyzed many of the older batch programs, which use lengthy and time-consuming scripting for just showing a simple text effect on the console. But now, you can show these texts simply on the cmd console with the help of this function. You can print 3D looking texts… let me show you the start screen of my current project and you’ll get an idea about the function.

Example of  usage

Yeah, we know how amazing it looks on the cmd console, but chess and our ongoing exams were the reasons for our delayed posts on the blog. One more thing, can you believe it that the 3D looking text [Chess Clock] written above is shown only by writing two simple lines in the main script. Yeah, we know it’s quite fascinating, but that’s why we’ve created it, ‘for the sake of simplicity and easiness’.

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Some of the hacker movies and mainly Ironman inspired me to write a code – which will make it easy to do typography on the console. Now without any delay, let’s talk about the technical part of – How to use Typography Function?

And, I am Ironman…

Typography Function 1.0 by kvc Demo
Just An inspiration from Ironman 2

As in the above image, you can see the code line written above the ‘Welcome Mr. Stark’. You have to simply call the ‘Typo function’ and the following image will show you the help menu of this function. As you noted above, one line of batch code results in reducing too much of code and headache. Imagine doing all of that with raw Batch code, You’ll be scratching your heads for hours!


Typography Function Help menu
Help Menu

While using this function in your batch file, if you need to call the typo function more than 2 or 3 times, then the speed of function may be an important factor. As during multiple calls, its speed gets reduced. Because each time you will call Typo function, it will load the FONT file each time. So, to get rid of this time problem and for making it more efficient. We’ve introduced another sub-function named ‘Load.bat’.

Now, what you have to do is, call the Load function once. And now the font file is permanently loaded into the cmd environment (until you load another Font file). Now you can Call the Typo Function multiple times – while consuming the minimum possible time.

SYNTAX To Use This Function

Here, It is the simple general syntax, which is usable in the case where you need to call it once or twice in your Batch Program. Because calling once or twice will take a very little amount of execution time.

Call Typo Pixcel.FO 5 5 aa Testing Function

Here, it is the special syntax which is usable in case of multiple calls from your batch program. Note that, you must call the ‘ASCII.DB’ file along with the FONT file (The above syntax will be slightly modified as below).

Call Load ASCII.DB Pixcel.FO
Call Typo - 5 5 aa Testing Function

Don’t worry, we’ve also compressed two example files within the original Zip file – which contains the function (Link Given Below) and all the other important files. This Typography function consumed nearly a month of hard work (during my End term Exams) including the coding & algorithm generation. Where making the Font-file [Pixcel.FO] was such a pain in the ass!

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At first, we’ve written half of the code for the font file – and after that, the Pen-Drive got misplaced somewhere, so we’ve to start again from the scratch. But, writing such big and lengthy code ruined our life – so I modified ‘The Bpaints by kvc’ a little and used it for generating the code by simply drawing the required shape/character on the console.

Making Font file with B paints

From Editor’s Desk

Typography Function 1.0 by kvc was a very big project. But, if the hard-work of 1 person can make other’s life easier – then it is worthy to work-hard. We are excited to see your new batch programs, which shall be using this function in some other innovative ways, as we know that there are many innovative brains out there. We hope you’ll like it.


If you like our work, please do comment to show us your thinking, as we have told you our thinking through our posts. We are also humans, and we like social interaction too… Once again, Thanks for your Love and affection.

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Keep learning, keep sharing….
Be happy, spread happiness…


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