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Easily Create HotSpot with CMD | Hotspot Creator 2.0

There is no need for buying costly applications that can convert your PC into a WiFi HotSpot, or using paid applications! Now you can convert your laptop into a WiFi HotSpot easily with few simple CMD commands. We have also made a simple & easy to use Free Hotspot Creator program that you can use to create a Hotspot with CMD without any extra hassle.

The Free HotSpot Creator is an application in batch that enables you to create custom WiFi Hotspots with desirable settings. And, you can easily share your internet connection via this created hotspot. Version 1.0 of this application was totally CUI {Character user interface} i.e. You have to Type with Keyboard to select any required option in the interface [e.g. 1, 2, etc…].

Hotspot Creator 1.0


In the Free Hotspot Creator 2.0, you just have to click with the mouse and it is approx. 55% faster in functionality and responsiveness than the previous version. You have to simply click on any button to get the corresponding result. This acquires its shape due to the ‘Button Function’ by Kvc, and get functional via using the Batbox plugin.

Hotspot Creator 2.0

How Does the Free Hotspot Creator Work?

We have used a few tools to create this awesome program with just writing a few lines of batch in Notepad. Here we will talk about the tools used for creating this application:- (You can download them from this link)

  • Batbox.exe – Plugin
  • getlen.exe – Plugin
  • button.bat – Function
Sub-menu to Start Hotspot

Batbox.exe and getlen.exe are two plugins/extensions that are used in this application. Out of this, getlen.exe is created By Kvc himself. Button.bat is a batch function {Created by Kvc as well} to easily put required dimensions of button-like layout on the cmd console, with the help of Batbox.exe, which is an awesome plugin written in Batch.

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We can make the buttons click-able using either the Batbox or Fn.dll extension in batch. Just explore the code – and you’ll know the trick to get mouse input from the user in the program.

HASH Code - For Verification - (SHA-256)

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