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Take Mouse and Keyboard Input Together in Projects | Input Plugin 1.0 BY Kvc

TheBATeam is again back with an awesome batch plugin. Input is a simple to use utility/plugin that will help you in getting both mouse and keyboard input together. You can use this for getting the normal interaction of the user with your personal hobby programming projects.

As we all know, that almost from the last decade we (batch programmers) are using the same plugins or similar plugins to get user interaction with our created programs.

Input Plugin for Mouse and keyboard input together by kvc
Example: Input.exe plugin (mouse) | By Kvc

Getting Keyboard and Mouse Inputs Together – Input PLugin

As we all came across some of the famous plugins such as Batbox.exe, Fn.dll, Bg.exe, colous.exe, etc, In batch programming. And, if you’ve created some of your awesome batch projects using these plugins, then you are not different from #TheBATeam. We’ve also created some amazing batch programs using these awesome and reliable plugins. 

Request: Input Plugin for Mouse and keyboard input together by kvc
Meanwhile in Requested Batch Scripts Section

Also, we’ve got a request from KKZiomek, (another awesome batch programmer) – but we have not got the pleasure of including any of his good batch projects in our blog yet. But we’ll try to do so. He has asked us for:

Batch plugin, which can detect mouse hovering effect in batch programs - we were already working on Input.exe Plugin at that insctance of time. So, It was a good opportunity for TheBATeam to fulfill it.

And after reading his request, it seems to us as one post can accomplish both tasks. So, we’ve included his request in this post also.

Input Plugin for Mouse and keyboard input together by kvc
Input.exe plugin (Keyboard) | By Kvc

Mouse and keyboard input together

Back to our talk. As now, if we will not update ourselves, we’ll always be the same as from the last 10 years. To take batch programming to a new level, we need to update our tools, which we are using to create awesome programs.

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That’s why, #TheBATeam has created an awesome and reliable, plugin using CPP language. Which can only do one task, i.e. To Detect the User input Type, and which Input he/she has given

As from the above two images, you’ve got a little idea about the working of this batch plugin. We needed to create this plugin in order to make things easier in batch programming. As all the available plugins make our scope limited for getting user input. In other words, We can Either Take mouse input or Keyboard input.

As you’ve seen – some of my older batch projects uploaded on this blog – they are either totally mouse-based programs, or totally keyboard-based. So, This is a kind of limitation in batch programming. That we definitely need to fix.

Input Plugin for Mouse and keyboard input together by kvc
Input.exe plugin (with parameters) | By Kvc

Eliminating Bulky & Unnecessary Code

So, In the ERA of #TheBATeam, we are presenting this awesome Batch Plugin, which will make the life of all batch programmers easy, As now there is no need of doing multi-threading in order to get both mouse and keyboard input simultaneously.

You only need to call this plugin once via your batch program, similarly as you are calling other plugins to get user input. The plugin will take care of multi-threading itself.

Input Plugin for Mouse and keyboard input together by kvc
Input.exe plugin (with parameters) | Mouse Hovering

You can also get the mouse hovering details via using this plugin in a loop. Below is the Download link, we’ve provided an example file which will show you simply how to use it for showing hovering effect in the batch programs.

As now you almost know everything about this Awesome Batch plugin, but you still don’t know about its full usage. So, Let’s have a look at its HELP menu.

Input Plugin Help menu by kvc
Help Menu | Input plugin By Kvc

As most of the details are given in the image above, and we can’t explain things more than that. You’ll also get an ‘Example.bat‘ file as always with our downloads where you can test this plugin out. Here, We wanna explain a thing that is not given in the help menu. i.e. The Output

Input Plugin for by kvc
Explorer view | Input.exe

The Output – INPUT Plugin by Kvc

Basically, we’ve considered that only two types of inputs are possible in windows, i.e. Mouse and Keyboard Input. (Our assumption for making this plugin work) .

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Although there can be many other types of inputs, which can be given to windows. But, we kept our focus only on these basic and standard inputs so that our batch program can easily interact with the user.

Above, You’ve seen two types of output that Input.exe plugin can return. Corresponding to two types of inputs that a user can give. i.e. Keyboard and mouse input in CMD. Let’s talk about both of them separately.

Detecting – The Keyboard input

When the user presses any key via keyboard, e.g. ‘K‘. Then the plugin will return the following kind of output.

  • Here, First ‘k‘ represents that the user has given input via Keyboard. 
  • And, Second ‘K‘ represents the key pressed on the keyboard.
  • The last parameter will tell you the ASCII Code for the key pressed.

As in some of the previous plugins, (like Batbox) they return the ASCII Code instead of character. So, this plugin contains both properties. You can use anyone, either key directly or its ASCII Code in your program.

DETECTING – The Mouse input

When the user presses any key via mouse, e.g. ‘Left Click‘. Then the plugin will return the following kind of output.

  • Here, First ‘m‘ represents that the user has given input via Mouse. 
  • And, Second ‘1’ represents the key pressed on the Mouse.
  • The last parameter will tell you the X & Y Co-ordinates of the mouse clicking location on CMD console.

From Editor’s Desk

That’s all from our side. We hope, we’ve explained everything in order to make it easy to use this plugin. If you still have any doubts about using it – Do a Comment. We’ll try to help you out.

HASH Code - For Verification - (SHA-256)

Keep learning, keep sharing….
Be happy, spread happiness…


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  1. anic17 15/05/2020

    Hi! I have remade this project but this time in C. The size has decreased to reach only 2 kB. When using mouse, result: x:y:clicktype. When using keyboard it is: k:asciicode:key

    Download link:

    • TheBATeam 16/05/2020

      That is quite impressive improvement. Would like to ask few questions.

      1. How you were able to reduce its size from approx. 1 MBs to 2 KBs? [The Secret / Trick]

      2. It seems like, you changed the code a bit – Because, The Original Input.exe Plugin give slight different parameters as output on Mouse Input.
      > Original Mouse click Output: m:1:75:6 [m:key:X:Y]
      > Your Input.exe Mouse click: x:y:key

      3. Will you also add the ‘/?’ parameter – so, the user can easily get proper help of the usage of the plugin itself. Without searching on internet.

      [Please also add : (credits) at the end of the Help Result, so user can find the additional help at the website.]

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