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Winner of BATHAT challenge – May, 2020

TheBATeam is very happy to announce the winner/s of last month’s BATHAT challenge of May, 2020. We are very glad to see your positive response towards the challenge. We are sharing Final statistics for the top entries with their points acquired from different judges.

How did we judge the entries?

We have assigned five judges from our internal team (5 judges3 technical / 1 Non-technical / 1 Semi-Technical). And, TheBATeam has taken all the precautions to keep the final score as anonymous as possible from every judge.

While evaluating contest entries – none of the judges were aware of the names of the contestant. So, they only gave points according to the parameters expressed in the guidelines and the working of the project. and we will keep the same standard for future BATHAT Challenges as well.

Winner/s of BATHAT – May, 2020

The Following Table will reveal the Points of the winner with the Highest points (average of all judges) – The Demonstration and presentation of the work was incredible. This is as equally useful for a technical judge as it was easy to execute for a non-technical judge.

ContestentScore / PointsPosition

TheBATeam would like to congratulate sintrode for their great piece of work. The project was very simple and easy to understand and implement in an external project (Video explanation was amazing). The Real beauty of his Code is that:

Sintrode – BATHAT Challenge solution Explanation
Even the non-technical Judge could easily undrstand it. and Praised his explanation.

At the Edge Entries!

These are those submissions in the challenges, which were quite good – but, Couldn’t make it to the top. One of them is Ileies‘s Submission – 65 (points From Judges). But, it got Rejected as they didn’t follow the Guidelines properly!

Link to Ileies project submission is also at the bottom of this post. (as his coding skills impressed few team members too)

ContestentScore / PointsReason
Ileies65Guidelines Not Followed
Mayank Pandey27Guidelines Not Followed

For those – who couldn’t make it!

You must be wondering, why there is only one winner? Why the 2nd and 3rd place winners are not announced? The Reason is – Either they haven’t followed the Guidelines for the Challenge Properly or their program didn’t even execute in testing. Below, we are attaching the winner’s Submission for the challenge. You can check it and evaluate it yourself!

Final Words

Isn’t it amazing? That even though the given problem was the same! How different people come with different kinds of solutions with a different perspective towards it. And, that is actually the beauty of creativity. Hope to see you soon for the next BATHAT challenge.

We all come from the same root,
But the leaves are all different.

John Fire lame deer

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