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Time to say goodbye

The purpose of this article is to let all the followers of TheBATeam, that we are officially closing any further service/projects on the platform. I am closing TheBATeam project, due to some internal reasons – which are shared on our official discussion platforms (WhatsApp, discord, telegram etc.)

Thank you for your love & support

I would really like to thank you all for your love and support that you displayed to me and team during all these years. We tried to deliver the quality service and projects to all of you guys, but things were getting personal in the team. The term “team-work” just became a literal term.

Although, I am so obliged to meet some really good gems of the programming community during the journey. Tsnake41, Darkbatcher, Zeek, Anic17, Sintrode, TUX .. And forgive me, if i am forgetting your name.

Thank you for the sincere support
discord last msg

Final words

I really appreciate the efforts of Zeek and anic17, for handling and improving things even without asking them. Wish you all – best for your future. I hope, to see you guys with better alternative!

Thank you 😊 for all this love and support!

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