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So, Here you are…! Thinking About the Crazy Fellas behind this Project. And, it is very pleasing to find out that – there are many more people roaming on the planet with a touch of Madness! Let me tell you about TheBATeam Project and Who is behind it?

Believe me, Before writing this page, I’ve searched about “How to write a good About us Page??” and seriously, I found no Valuable Information. So, I’m writing this page as I want it to be!

Our Vision:

We are not here to post small tricks of Cmd / Batch programming like The Matrix effect, Hiding/Un-hiding, Infinite loop (Fake) viruses etc.

We are here to take Batch programming to a new level by collaborating Good batch programmers all across the Globe. Something similar to the Linux Community… and Making bigger projects in the field of Batch programming.

What is TheBATeam?

TheBATeam stands for ‘The Batch Archive Team‘. Which is a team as well as a Community to work in the field of Batch programming to raise it from CUI to GUI. And, finding the way to make Batch programming more easy and reliable for everyone’s usage. Also, The Acronym BAT in TheBATeam signifies the *.bat extensions of the Batch Files. So, It makes the name much cooler. Isn’t it??

About the Blog:

This blog is considered as the catalog of All Batch programs across the world-wide-web with the name of the corresponding creator of that batch program. The blog is under development and it’ll get better with the time.

All the Batch programs are divided into categories as the name of their developer. As I’m also a batch programmer. So, I can understand the efforts of these programmers, and I respect their work in the field of batch programming.

You can also add your own work to this blog and Contribute to be a part of our Blog Team (#TheBATeam) ☺ … Link to Contribute

TheBATeam’s Journey!

TheBATeam was originally a Blog About Batch Programs of a single individual. I wanted to share my Work with everyone out there, I am still doing it. But, as I moved ahead in the journey – I found more and more people Like me!

Many great people than me, already sharing their talent with the world to make it a better place. So, The thought – I am Great, Because Only I am sharing my Work with everyone For Free was gone and My EGO turned into the Seeking of More Knowledge. So that, I can be a better human being and justify my life on this planet!

We Started with the BLOGGER Platform. And, the Name of the Blog was BATCH Archive. And, Later we bought this Domain But, Because of the Lack of Functionalities in that Platform, we have to switch to WordPress. Now Officially we are Back online to Learn from Each Other.

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