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The Ultimate Guide for CMD / DOS / BATCH Programming

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About Course

Consider your operating system as a river and your selected programming language as a Boat. There are hell lot of boats available out there. you can select any of them - to travel through the river. You can select Python, Java, VBS, etc to travel across the river.

But, What I am trying to do through this course? - "You can consider this as a Swimming Lesson!" The knowledge you will get through this will make you aware about the River (OS) and You can handle this in better way in your projects - like a Pro user.


Learn Batch from Scratch


This course is for beginners – who don’t even know about computer programming / first-time users or interested in knowing more about computers. Even if you are an advanced user – You will definitely know something new from this one.


A Quiz is also attached after each video, if possible to test out your learnings and challenge your knowledge.


After completing this course – you will be more familiar with your windows environment (in-depth understanding). CMD comes by-default within your windows installation – this tool is used for many troubleshooting and creative purposes.


Learning about CMD will help you understand the Operating system itself – and you will become a power user for Windows. The knowledge will also be relevant to the Linux bash terminal, and many other advanced languages as well.


Please check the Announcements below to get the free batch programming book.

Topics for this course

15 Lessons3h 17m 25s


Assessment – 1
Assessment – 2
THE FOR LOOP – I00:13:17
Assessment – 3
THE FOR LOOP – II00:13:30
Assessment – 4
Closing Beginners Section0:55



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great just do it!!!

Indeed a great tutorial !

Just complete the course! Quite informative things... I am Cool.

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Material Includes

  • Batch Programming Decoded - Book by Kvc

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