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How do you run an elevated command prompt without an admin?  

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“You can.” - in a way!

The word - ELEVATED means, Having additional possibilities and power in the OS. And, if you can do a trick - you can run the cmd/command prompt with the SYSTEM permissions, and almost Ruin everything in the OS (like the root in Linux).

Before saying anything, I want to say that this is not a straightforward way but you can easily e do that in any other system/laptop. just follow the following steps and you will achieve the goal of running command prompt as Admin (High Privileges)

  1. Create a bootable Pen drive with any distro of Linux - which supports Live Boot. (Kali Linux, ubuntu etc.)
  2. Boot the Laptop/computer with the Pen Drive and Select Live Boot option.
  3. Now, once the west loads navigate to your Windows directory in your main hard drive and go in the following path “\windows\system32”.
  4. replace the sethc.exe the with CMD
    1. Copy CMD.exe,
    2. Rename sethc.exe -> sethc.exe.bak,
    3. Paste Cmd.exe in the same folder
    4. Rename cmd - copy.exe -> sethc.exe
    5. Shutdown the PC
  5. Now, Reboot the system with Windows and when you see the lock screen (assuming you have a password set, or you can press win+L after your PC is started)
  6. Press the Shift key 6 times (Shift x 6) - You will see THE COMMAND PROMPT.
  7. Type: Whoami
  8. Press Enter, And you’ll see your privileges.


Source: Quora

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