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Ascii to All conveter

Author: unknown

Sometimes we need to convert a character from ASCII to some other encoding. Mainly this requirement arises while you are programming, or making something in the cmd console. It converts the specified ASCII value into almost all type of Encoding. 

This is One to all converter,Which is very Good and effective... It gives Results in cmd console as well as pops-up a text file, which contains the code as same as on the console display.

Ascii to All conveter
A Preview

You must give it a try, It must have taken the hardwork of some good programmer, as it is of more than 40 KB's of code. Which means that it contains very large amount of text code. Thus, we must give him some credits for his hardwork, but he missed to mention his name in comments within the code. 

The code is too big for displaying it here in the Article, So to keep things clean and simple. I am just providing the Download link below this article. It reduces the length of this post and make things easier to use and read.

You can simply diwnload it by clicking the link given below. We hope that you'll like it.

Download Link: Ascii to All conveter


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