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Remove shortcut virus from system

Remove shortcut virus from system
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The Shortcut virus is not a deadly or harmful virus, but it is an annoying shit, which can sometimes lead to data loss or mental torture to the person whose system is affected with it. We have also experienced the same problem, so decided to find a cure and share it with you to help all others.

It is simply a VBS file, which keeps on running in background in order to maintain the shortcuts in your removable drives. It keeps on looking for the insertion and removal of a removable media. Whenever you plug-in your PD (Pen drive) or any other removable media, this script hides all the data in a folder within the removable media, and generates corresponding Shortcut for each file and folder.

Whenever you'll open any shortcut, you just execute the shortcut virus script and it opens the corresponding thing related to the clicked shortcut. When this script get executed first time in any system, then it copied itself into the new computer and start running in the background. Hence the new system also gets affected with this annoying virus. Now, whenever you'll plug-in any new removable media to this affected system, it just do the same as told in paragraph above. And the process keeps on repeating itself.

Hence, it keeps on spreading like a virus, Although it don't have any negative effect on the system or harm the system, but in some cases it leads to the loss of Data. For example, if you need to copy whole data of your PD, and you just select all and copied items. All you get is shortcuts of 2 KB's in your new destination, they'll effective in running until you remove your PD and then these files will become invalid Shortcuts. Thats why, I'm posting a trick about removing this annoying virus.

The following video shows how to remove shortcut virus from your system...

The video will demonstrate you about removing this annoying shortcut virus using cmd, while you can also remove it manually. You can watch the next video in case you just feel uncomfortable with 2 lines of cmd commands. 

You can find this virus in your system in "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" folder, but sometimes it is system hidden, so you'll not be able to see it. In order to see it, and remove it manually; just watch following video.

Here's the Taskmgr's view, where you can locate and destroy this virus completely. Because, without ending this process, you'll not be able to delete this virus. keep this in mind that it keeps on running in background, so Windows will not allow you to delete it, without stopping it from running.

Remove shortcut virus from system
If you are unable to delete the virus [which is a '.vbs' file], do open your task-manager [ctrl+shift+esc] and try to find a process named "wscript.exe", right click on and click on end process...

If you find windows update is running kill that process also then try to delete that virus [.vbs] file...

Try the Prepared Batch script (program) to deal with this virus, It will be Easy and safe to just remove it using the following script... The Cure of this virus is now One Click Away...



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