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Rights modifier By kvc

Rights modifier By kvc
A Preview
Rights Modifier by Kvc, is an simple Batch program that will help you in managing access properties of the files or folders in your computer. Sometimes due to some problem or unwanted event, you lose your access over the files, and when you try to open or move those files, Windows simply say that "You don't have access to this File" or "Access Denied".

Rights modifier By kvc
Can't open my text file
In those cases, When you can't use your own data, you can use this amazing Batch program. This simple and short 2 KB's of Batch program will make your life very easy.

Just double click on it, and respond acurately to the information asked to you. Thats all. You'll successfully get your access back. In some cases when it is not working, try running the program as Administrator, and Then problem will run out of your window.

Rights modifier By kvc
Username List
Copy and Save the Code below as 'Rights Modifier.bat' OR you can download the Batch File from  the link given below at the Bottom of this Post...

Rights modifier By kvc
Completing Actions
----------Code Starts----------

:: For this program to be More effective....Run it as Administrator...

:: Note => The line after Double Quotes is a Comment and have no effect on the working of this program...
:: Program Name : Rights Modifier by Kvc 
:: Version : 1.0
:: Date Created : 26.5.2014 , 11:23 pm [monday]
:: Created by : Karanveer chouhan 
:: Contact : or

::Before using this program...Here's Really Serious WARNING FOR YOU :-

:: 1. Don't Lock Important Folders , such as Windows folders...that may contain info. about OS ..because if 
:: you do time windows will not boot....
:: 2. Don't Use this Program for breaking into someone's Privacy...Only you will be responsible for that...
:: 3. Education purpose program only....

@echo off

Title Rights Modifiers by Kvc... Ver. 1.0
set a=1
if [%1] equ [] (goto top)
set fpath=%~1 (goto check)


Set /p "fpath=Enter Folder/File path or just Drag it here : "
if not defined fpath (goto top)

REM Removing surrounding Quotes of user-input
set fpath=%fpath:"=%

REM checking Availability of file/folder...
if not exist "%fpath%" (goto error1)

goto menu

echo. Target Folder/File : "%fpath%"
echo. Menu Options !!!
echo. {options} {Key to press}
echo. 1. Make Read only [R]
echo. 2. Make Write only [W]
echo. 3. Allow Changing Content [C]
echo. 4. Make Full Control [F]
echo. 5. Remove Full Control ^(Deny^) [N]
choice /n /c "rwcfn" /m "Press Specified Key : "
goto %errorlevel%

set access=R
goto user

set access=W
goto user

set access=C
goto user

set access=F
goto user

set access=N
goto user

echo. Total Users on This Computer !!
echo. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set a=1
for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('dir "%systemdrive%\users" /b') do (
echo. !a!. %%a
set /a a=!a!+1

echo. --------------------------------------------------------------------------


set /p "user=Enter Any Username From List Above : "
if not defined user (goto get_user)
if not exist "%systemdrive%\users\%user%" (goto error2)
goto modify

cacls "%fpath%" /e /c /p "%user%":%access%
timeout /t "3" >nul
exit /b

echo. Invalid File/Folder Path ...Try Again !!
timeout /t "1">nul
Set fpath=
goto top

echo. Invalid Username or The User you Entered Don't Exist ...Try Again !!
timeout /t "1">nul
Set user=
goto get_user

exit /b
----------Code Ends----------

Download link : Rights modifier.bat


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