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How To Hack Rights Modifier by Kvc ???

Hello There... Today I'm gonna tell you How to Hack through 'Rights Modifier By kvc', And you can even unlock files/folders that are locked by Windows or your Friend... Generally, the following msgbox Pop-up whenever you Try to open this type of Folders / files...

And to manually overriding these settings, you need to follow these 6 steps:

Step - 1 :
Right-Click on the Selected file / folder and Goto 'Properties'.

Step - 2 :
Now , Click on Security Tab...

Step - 3 :
Select Your Username ... Mine is 'kvc' ...

Step - 4 : 
Now ,Click on Edit button...and a new window will Pop-up... like following :

Step - 5 : 
Click on your Username ,and tick all unticked options in lower Box... as following :

Step - 6 : 

Now Click Apply and OK...There You GO...

You Successfully Hacked in... :)


Sometimes, instead of doing all these steps again and again, we need a program, that simply do things for us... In order to do so... We suggest you using Rights Modifier and the link to it is given below:


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