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Calculate Area of Basic Shapes by Batch -(Begginers)

Calculate Area of Basic Shapes by Batch -(Begginers)
Area - A 2D Property
Calculating Area of Basic Shapes ( like... Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle ) is Easier task, but it Becomes Difficult when you have to make a Computer understand, that "How to make these calculations", and as You Know Cmd Doesn't Support float values.

It only can Calculate integer values, but in this program, I've used a trick to show exact result of Circle, Triangle's area, up-to 5 Decimal places. And Maybe, In future, I'll use the same trick to make a Batch Function, which will help us in calculating floating point calculations easily in the cmd environment. 

Calculate Area of Basic Shapes by Batch -(Begginers)
Start Screen
The Program is a simple CUI (Character user-interface) program, I've created it only on the request of Some viewer, I Forgot his name (and the source of his request too). But, The program can teach us, the basics of calculation making in the cmd environment and the general syntax related to it.

Calculate Area of Basic Shapes by Batch -(Begginers)
Using Some Options
The interaction with the program is very simple, and kinda stupid, as in this GUI world, we can't expect this kind of input method from the user. But, For the sake of Learning, this will work for us. Although The program is very simple to edit and understand, you can open it in any text editor program, e.g. Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime text Editor etc. and modify it as you want.

Calculate Area of Basic Shapes by Batch -(Begginers)
Types of Triangle coded
The program can calculate area of various types of Triangles and circle and rectangles etc. You can modify it and create something new, out of it. I Hope you'll not criticize this small but effective in learning program. I'll wait for your replies in the comment field, Any suggestion, complaint, appreciation are welcome.

Keep learning, keep sharing…
Be happy, spread happiness…


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