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Hidden Files Detector | By Kvc

Hidden Files Detector | By Kvc
HFD | Preview
Hidden Files Detector, is one of the Best Batch Projects that #TheBATeam has created. The Simple Looking 3 Kbs of Batch script has enough power and ability to reveal all your sensitive areas of the HDD (Hard Disk Drive). In Other words, As the name of the program describes it automatically that it detects all the hidden files in your computer, No matter what kind of technique you've used to Protect and Hide your Personal Data from public view. This little junk of logic can easily ruin your life in the matter of seconds.

Hidden Files Detector | By Kvc
Explorer view
You must give it a shot, To know about its ability and extent to which it can sustain in the windows environment. The Download link, that I've provided at the Bottom of this Article will lead you to a Zip file, which contains both the version 1.0 and 2.0 of the Hidden files detector Program.

Scanning Drives...

After Selecting the Corresponding Drive from the list of Available Drives, The Program Starts Collecting relative information about the drive and the hidden files located in it. It Starts saving all the important and needed info. in the text file in the same folder. After the Process completed, you can simply double click on the Generated file, and open it. If you find any suspicious Data file in the system, then you can simply copy the path, and paste it into the RUN Dialogue Box (Windows + R). 


This post in only for Educational Purpose, Anyone who misuses it to Break-into Someone's Privacy, has full responsibility of that, not the Scripter of the Program.

Hidden Files Detector | By Kvc
Found Some Results in E Drive | Title Bar
Hiding Files is the main thing that Our OS Provider uses to hide their important file, which provides a Little Security to the files too, as the Standard user can't find those files in the System, unless and until you are a Aware User and has knowledge about 'How to unhide a Hidden file or make them visible temporarily ?' 

But Sometimes that Aware users also uses the same trick used by OS providers to Protect their own personal data and to make it invisible also.

Here, I'm with a simple Batch File, which Scans full your system and tells you where the Hidden files are, I can simply Feel like Hacker, only by having a simple 3 Kbs Script. But, Breaking-into someone's private life is not my intention here. 

This File Can also be used in many other various sectors, I can't recall them in my brian right now, But you'll know them when you need to. The Program Just asks you about which Drive to Scan and it scans that Drive for all Hidden files and Folders, and writes full path of those Files in the File 'Hidden files in Drive.txt

There you go !!!

Keep learning, keep sharing…
Be happy, spread happiness…

Download Link: HFD By Kvc



  1. Thanks for this simple, yet good looking batch file, powered by cool utilities, I've been browsing this site a little, downloading a few files, including your Input and Fn.dll utilities, I started with using Batbox, and still is a daily driver in most ways, but these other programs fill the gaps for me, another thing that surprised me, is the fact that this website doesn't have old and rotten scripts/plugins and posts frol like 2007, it's pretty well maintained and I like it! My project, and YouTube channel:

    1. We are happy to help. :) And, Thanks for appreciating us. We'll try to maintain the quality of Blog and Make it better by time.



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