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ASCII code reveler Ver.2.0 | By Kvc

ASCII code revealer Ver.2.0 | By Kvc
In Previous version of this Awesome utility program, (ASCII Code Revealer ver.1.0), we have Used mChoice.exe file [which is Purely written in C, by Kvc]. With the help of that mChoice.exe file we were able to know about the key Pressed on keyboard... But that file extension (mChoice) can't identify some special keys like ... Function keys, arrow Keys, Del , Ins Keys etc. So, I decided to update ASCII code reveler...

ASCII code revealer Ver.2.0 | By Kvc
ASCII Code of 'F1' Key

we are using a new cmd extention named as fn.dll { which is a dynamic list library file, under GNU license so, this Script is also under GNU }, The File is such an awesome plugin that it diminishes,  almost all the limitations of batch keyboard input. It enables us, to get the info. about all the pressed keys via the keyboard.

ASCII code revealer Ver.2.0 | By Kvc
ASCII Code for 'Up Arrow' Key
Now, this version of ASCII code reveler can take almost all keys pressed on keyboard ... You should give it a try by yourself. It has helped me alot in making many good batch programs, that's why I'm sharing it with you, I Hope it will also serve you well in your awesome and innovative projects.

ASCII code revealer Ver.2.0 | By Kvc
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