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Keylogger Ver.3.0 | By Kvc

Keylogger Ver.3.0 | By Kvc
Keylogger v.3.0 By Kvc
Hello guys, we're again back with, the newer version of Keylogger in Batch. As you all know that, This is version 3.0 of the Keylogger. So, it will be advanced than the previous versions of Batch Keylogger. As, Previous versions have some bugs of not detecting the key prsses of few special keys, such as "Arrow Keys, Function keys, Delete key, insert key, Home key" etc. But, this version can easily detect almost all kinds of key-presses from the keyboard, and returns the Text Code corresponding to that, on the console.

Keylogger Ver.3.0 | By Kvc
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This key-logger is able to log almost all keys of your Keyboard including Special Keys as to remove Limitation of previous two versions of this Keylogger... As to Remove limitation of Version 1.0, we've used various plugins(extensions) in batch... But version 2.0 also had some of its own limitations... as it can't log Function Keys,Arrow Keys etc... and if it can.. then it can't differentiate between F1,F2 ... and Different Arrow keys.

These limitations are now removed in Ver.3.0 ...

As in ver. 1.0 , we used 'choice.exe or' for logging Pressed keys on Keyboard and we've used 'mChoice.exe' (written in C) for ver.2.0 same reason for using 'fn.dll' file in this version... i.e. to fulfill our requirement !!

Using plugins make your life much easier than going deep into the older code, as ultimately your main aim is to fulfill your requirement. Plugins provide you a better and clean way of fulfilling your requirement via simple implementation. That is the reason, we don't hesitate from using plugins in batch programs, as they result into a beautiful batch program sometimes.


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Download Link: Keylogger Version3.0
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