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Locker ver.2.0 | By Kvc (My First Batch Application)

Locker ver.2.0 | By Kvc (My First Batch Application)
Locker Ver.2.0 | By Kvc

Locker ver. 2.0 was my first batch application. I started Batch Programming. I think, in 2010-2011 and the main reason for Learning batch was that I wanted to be a Hacker or Somewhat a Computer Geek and I started this journey by the concept of "How to Hiding My Personal Data in my Computer". so, No-one can have access to that data except me. (You know what i mean, and What I'm talking about Hahahahahaha :D :D)...

And when I searched about this type of any program on internet, I Got one Built on batch Platform, it was pre-built application (or Program may be a better term), I downloaded it and used it, But it was not that much effective program because of a simple sequrity flaw of the program. As any one with a little knowledge of Batch programming, can edit that batch program and he/she can see the one important line. (As Follows)

IF "%Password%" == "MyPasswordWrittenHere"

Then He/She can easily access my Personal data. So, I decided to Modify it a bit. And then I created Locker Ver.2.0 and there may be lots of unnecessary line of code Or It may contain Some Bugs, but you should know that it was built when I didn't know anything about batch programming and I learned it from some batch file that I downloaded from the internet.

I'm Posting about it, only because I thought that I should share it on my blog. Who knows, If it may help you in learning batch deeply or It becomes a Junk !!! I would like to read your comments below this post and I want to see your reactions about this...

Keep learning, keep sharing…
Be happy, spread happiness…

Download link: Locker ver. 2.0


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