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Locker ver.1.0 | By Anonymous

Locker ver.1.0 | By Anonymous
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Hey Hello Guys, Today we gonna show you one of the reason, How this batch programming Blog is born and why we've actually started batch programming. In some of our older posts, we've tasked about a mysterious batch program which bothered us for some of the security reasons that may results into privacy leak. Today we've found that magical Batch Program called "Locker", which has inspired us for making it better, and we've launched a new version of the program after wasting two months of our summer holidays, simultaneous learning Batch Programming by doing some self experiments and using some fragmented information about batch programming over the internet.

Locker was the program which locks your personal data, and whenever you needed it back, it will unlock by asking a password to the user. Here, password is the main issue for this Locker program.

From my personal view:
Finally I've found the original batch application (or Batch program maybe a better term) that inspired me to Write my own batch code, and it became inspiration for me to start batch programming and it was the first milestone in the path of learning batch programming. I've tried my best, But still I can't find the original Batch programmer behind this Raw batch program, because if I've find anything about him, I just wanna thank him for this awesome starter batch program. You can download it from the link given below and you can easily compare between ver.1.0 (by anonymous programmer), ver.2.0 (by kvc) and ver.3.0 (VB application by kvc)....

The ver. 3.0 also contains ver.2.0 of the locker application, As some of our users were still habitual of using ver.2.0 than new ver.3.0 (as it has totally new interface and working). If you want to see hidden ver. 2.0 in ver 3.0 ... click on 'menu' button and a window will pop-up...that window contains 'Cmd version' on it to use ver.2.0 instead of ver.3.0.

Locker ver.1.0 | By Anonymous
Locker Security Flaw
Here, in the image given Above, I've marked the main security bug for the Locker v.1.0, due to this simple script of Protecting Data, I've thought to make something much more complex and make password invisible form the script. Which I've done in Locker V.2.0, where I've made this program a little complex, and instead directly comparing the password in the main script file. I've saved the password somewhere else on the HDD, and just reading that file in order to compare passwords, whenever needed. As, this was my first Batch program / application. so, it may have some childish mistakes, bugs, flaws etc. If you come across any of them, I simply suggest you to not to take it personally. because I'm simply sharing this Program with you for the sake of learning and education. So while downloading this awesome but simple batch program, keep all these things in your mind.

Keep learning, keep sharing…
Be happy, spread happiness…

Download link : Locker ver.1.0



  1. You should provide some informations like what this batch executeable is for...

    1. As the Name Suggests... Locker is a Software...which can lock your personal data, and only you can access that data... Read locker ver.2.0 and locker 3.0 for more info....on this blog.

      And Do mention your name...If you are Commenting as anonymous !!! :) :)



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