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Simple Animation in Cmd Console (Ver.2.0) | Advanced

In last Post of Animating a text or String inside the cmd console [Intermediate level]. we used a simple algorithm of fulfilling our purpose. which was, if we want to put a String on console at a specified location...i.e. x,y {co-ordinates} we really don't need to use any extra plugin for that. The Trick is as simple as life on the Earth. You can read about it in previous post or get a Hint about it in this post...

What we have to do is to put the string after 'y' empty lines and 'x' blank spaces, the situation will become more clear and easy to understand by help of an example. Lets suppose if we want to Put a string "Karanveer" on cmd console at the location 5,7 ... then we only have to run a loop (which maybe a 'for loop') to leave 6 empty lines before printing the String {'cuz string will be on 7th line so, we have to leave 7-1=6 lines} and we also have to run a loop to put required spaces before the string, So, we require 5 spaces before the string thus printing it on console.

Hence, the string will be printed on required location on the console...But in this Animation inside the cmd console. we are animating 2 objects or strings together. so, we may need to use some if we put single string by using the previous algorithm...then it may affect the behavior of another string as their collision with cmd walls can be detected...but the collision among themselves may be, using a batch Plugin, will make this work easier for us...

so, using a batch plugin In this version of Batch Animation...I've created 2 different Files which uses 2 Different Batch plugins... Batbox.exe & fn.dll, they both are efficient enough in their own way...

Batbox.exe can take multiple commands in a single go... while..
fn.dll is fast responsive in repetitive calls from the batch file...

You can download both the batch files and experience their difference by yourself...
Do not forget to tell me about this post via comments or E-mails... as most of this blog users E-mail me about their views of my Work... 

[Mr. Nagaraju, Mr. Lavkush, Mr. Jonathan... and there are more, unable to write all their names... I would like to thanks you all for your love and appreciation about our work.]

Keep learning, keep sharing…
Be happy, spread happiness…

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  1. Hmmmn nice. I have tested it. Its amazing trick. Thanks bro.

    1. Your Welcome Bro. :)
      glad to help you... :)


  2. Amazing animations. I cant beleive. nice work dear

    1. Thanks for the appreciation...


    2. Nice animation but it can whith out plugins


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