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The Calendar Program | By Judago

The Calendar Program | By Judago
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The calendar program was the first batch program that I came across when I didn’t know anything about batch programming. When I Edited the Bat file with notepad, the code seems simpler and easier to me. I learned some of the basic commands like SET, IF, FOR etc. from this Calendar program. In first view, the Code seems simpler, but the algorithm of all the calculation makes it incredible Creation.

The Calendar Program | By Judago
The User Interface
I decided to write a post on it due to the reason of its UI {User interface}, as it was the program which showed GUI like Output of the calendar. This showed GUI possibilities on the cmd console and encouraged me to enhance the batch programming. Another batch program named ‘Batch Explorer’ also has the amazing UI output effects. I will also write a post on the ‘Batch Explorer’ and its Programmer, But now, we’ll talk a little about Calendar by judago.
The Image above shows the Output of the calendar program, when I entered 2015 as user input. The Variables and Output pattern is so well arranged that it leaves good effect on the user. The Programmed code and Algorithm are also well managed and proper comments are given at the required position in the code. The Program was originally created on august, 2009. I must appreciate the programming skills of Judago. I really want to know more about him and his other creations. Maybe I’ll post more on them in future.

The Calendar Program | By Judago
Neat coding
The program is coded for the static conditions of height and width of the cmd console window, i.e. While Display of the calendar of any specific year, you can’t change the console window’s size. But as we’ve already made the Box function for this type of dynamic conditions of changing console size. Now, if you want, you can make it more advanced and effective. But I personally like the original one.

The Calendar Program | By Judago
The Program
Atlast, I Just wanna say that calendar app. By Judago is very good batch application. It shows the innovation and creativity of the amazing programmer in such a limited resources of batch environment. I really like this simple and sleek batch program, hope you’ll also like it.

Leave your comments below to show your response and thoughts about this batch program. It’ll just take a minute to motivate.

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