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Shortcut Virus Remover ver.2.0 by Kvc

Shortcut virus remover ver.2.0 by kvc
Shortcut virus remover 2.0
In these days when computer technology has evolved so much, and we became very dependent on computers for our daily purposes… We transfer data from one computer to other using any media, it can be HDD, PD (Pen Drive), Memory Card etc. As I’m a college student, I often take e-notes from my friends in my Pen Drive, but one Day I came across an annoying virus. It has converted all my Readable stuff into Shortcuts, as now I can only read that data from my PD, and I can’t copy it to my PC. Each time I copy it, only 2 Kb Shortcut file get copied. And all my original stuff was hidden inside PD. I can’t see it, even after turning ‘Show hidden files’ option ON.

Shortcut virus remover ver.2.0 by kvc
Scan in progress
And now, the programmer inside me got angry… so I decided to make a program to finish this little annoying virus off in just one click. After analyzing the behavior of virus file, and the activity of task manager. I came to know some of the properties of the virus program, and then google helped a lot. While googling things about this virus, I came to know about the fact that no one has actually created anything worthy to deal with annoying virus. Then creating a program to eliminate this virus from PC, became the next goal for #TheBATeam.

Shortcut virus remover ver.2.0 by kvc
Drive Scan Option
We started working on it, My Brother (who is a designer) designed the simple and flat layout of the Program in order to making it easy and simple to understand. He designed it taking the limited environment of the cmd under consideration. And I must say, the Plugins, those I’ve created before… they have helped a lot in reducing the length of code from 50 to 60 KB’s of Single file to 7 to 9 KB of Main Program file.

Shortcut virus remover ver.2.0 by kvc
Help Menu
The Layout of the Program seems similar to the ‘Hotspot Creator ver.2.0 by Kvc’, as the Basic idea of the design is taken from there. This program can scan shortcut virus within your system, as well as in a particular Drive. When you are scanning the system, then the program will ask you for the action to take with the suspicious files detected.

Shortcut virus remover ver.2.0 by kvc
All Operations applied
While the Drive Scan option will allow you to scan a Particular Drive, and after scanning and performing all operations… program will run an extra operation in this module for the Unhiding of the Hidden files. So, now you can simply plug-in your PD and Scan it with this program and then you can easily get access to your Data.
We hope that you’ll like our work … Feel Free to show your Love through comments below…

Note: While Scanning bigger drives, program may seems to be hanged or struck, but in reality, it is not the case... Program is scanning for suspicious files in background. Due to some limitations of batch programming... We'are unable to show simultaneous display of processing kind of icon on console. So, Don't be panic, if you are suffering this condition....just give it some time and program will take care of everything.

Shortcut virus remover ver.2.0 by kvc
Seems to be stuck, but scanning in Background
I'm providing source code with this post, with the compiled exe file. Your anti-virus program may show it as a threat, but it is not... In case, if you don't believe us... The source code is also provided within the Zip file... you can directly use the Batch file instead of the Exe file...

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing,
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  1. awesome work buddies ...keep going,:).

    1. Thanks For the appreciation... We Always seek for these kind of pleasing comments. :)


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