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VideoStealer v.1.0 | by Kvc

Video Stealer v.1.0 | By Kvc 
Hey, Hello Batchers... We're again Back with an awesome batch program. This time the batch program is a video downloader, which can download multiple youtube videos in a single click.

This is all possible due to an awesome batch plugin, which is created by an awesome group. The Plugin is 'Youtube-dl.exe'. The awesomeness of this plugin inspired me to make an organized program, which can provide an easy hand to the user, who wants to use it. 

VideoStealer v.1.0 | Preview
You can download any Youtube Video Packs:
Whether it is any of the following 3 things...
  • 'Single Video' 
  • ' Full Playlist'
  • ' Complete Channel'
All You needs to follow 3 steps: 
1. Copy Link Location 
2. VideoStealer > Add Url > Enter.
3. Start Download

Download Window | Preview 
Not Only from 'Youtube', You can Download Videos from few more websites too. Give it a try, with other websites... 

Resuming Download:
You can close any running download at any time, All you need to save a 'Project' file. [Clicking on Save Project option]; And next time, Whenever you want to resume that download, Load the same 'Project' file using "Load Project" Option, The download will resume from the same position where you have stopped it.
The Project file will be save in 'Desktop\VideoStealer' folder. [By Default]

Batch Download:
Load a file, which contains a list of All URLs of Youtube videos / playlist, which you want to download. This option may be useful, when you want to download multiple videos, but They are not in a single playlist.

Updating the Program, only leads to updation of the main core plugin, i.e. Youtube-dl.exe . All Other files remains as it is.

Download Options:
Various Download options are provided in simple words, You can simply check or uncheck the options as per your desire. Sometimes, program gives error, when you have selected both 'Don't overwrite older files' and 'forcefully resume downloads' options tick, so try to untick one of them, if you fell into any kind of problem like this.
Source Code / Files
The last option of 'Download files in separate folder' will reduce mess in Your download Folder, and automatically arrange the files according to the Download preferences.

Option To Select Desired Video Format
You can simply select any of the required video format using your mouse, or Keyboard arrow Keys and the program will start downloading that format.

Few Words from heart...
And finally, You can either Download the Binary for Direct use. Or the source Code for the Analysis and modification of this awesome batch Downloader. I Hope You'll Like it. Feel Free to comment and share your precious views about this Project.

Keep learning, keep sharing…

Be happy, spread happiness…

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  1. Replies
    1. It will be the user, who will steal videos from the web using this Awesome and simple Batch program. Hence, Technically You will rock on stealing Buddy, not me.

      But I like the way, You keep on Pinching me on things. :) Thanks for the Feedback. I'll appreciate, if you'll give the real Feedback. Instead of ruining My Hardwork and its beauty. :)


  2. When I was reading the article I was like "Hey, is this a fairy story". This is an awesome and cool program. It is seriously jaw-dropping.

  3. Nice !! AWESOME keep it up the good hard work btw im a programmer to !!


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