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Batbox.exe vs Fn.dll | Fight For Awesomeness

Batbox.exe vs Fn.dll | Fight For Awesomeness
Fight For Awesomeness
Hello there, We're again back with another Article about the Batch Programming. But this time we are Not Writing about any new plugin or Batch Application. Here, We're talking about some Pre-Existing, simple but awesome batch plugins. From the Staring of my experience with batch programs, It appeared to me that Batch is very simple and Non-Productive Programming language. 

This is All Because of the reason that batch has not that much independence in its code. There are only Few Limited batch Commands that can be used. And most importantly, the CUI environment. The CUI environment has no direct way to manipulate into GUI environment like 'Windows'. Hence, The interaction with this limited spaced Environment may lead to some small programs. But this is not only that batch can do.

The day when We came across First batch plugin. We realized the potential of the Batch programming language. As it has a hidden Quality of getting adept to any other programming language out there. All it needs a Binary compiled File, which can be used as a plugin. So, Indirectly batch has the properties of all the programming languages out there. If you can do anything in other programming language, you can do it in batch. No matter how complex it is. You just need to 'Stay Calm and Start Coding.'

Batbox vs Fn.dll

From the Beginning of our batch programming experience till today, the best two plugins that we've known are Batbox and Fn.Dll. Both are Best at their own place. But today, we are looking at the fact that which one is better. 

Here, we have selected some parameters. According to which we'll decide that which one is better. So, below We gonna make a table type layout so it will be easier for you to understand things.


1.5 Kb
5.5 Kb
No. Of Arguments
Multiple loop Calls
Multiple Arguments in single go
Not possible
Practically useful


The Blue colored Text in the above table indicates the winning Side. And As you can see, Batbox has almost all of its parameters in blue. So, In our point of view. Batbox is better plugin than Fn.dll. The Perception of different people maybe different. Hence, it is not necessary that you should not use Fn.Dll plugin and keep using Batbox. 

Batbox.exe vs Fn.dll | Fight For Awesomeness
The Crown of Awesomeness
In the Last Parameter named, "Practically Useful". We have given One Vote to Batbox, while No Vote to Fn.dll plugin. The reason behind this is that, Batbox is able to take Multiple arguments in a single go. While Fn.dll need to be called multiple times for multiple operations. hence, The programs with batbox will result in very much small and compact size. On the other hand,  Fn.dll based programs will be lengthy and bulky. Thats the reason behind One sided voting by #TheBATeam.

If you want to contribute to the above result or want to suggest the ways in which Fn.dll is  better than Batbox. Then you can Simply comment your views below. we'll really appreciate your contribution. If you want us to compare some other batch plugins or any other thing that came to your mind. You are welcome to comment below. Thanks.

Keep Sharing, Keep learning...
Be Happy, Spread happiness...

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  1. I've made some tests with batbox.exe, bg.exe (similar with fn.dll), fn.dll, and my new command : darkbox(.exe) :
    You should look at them.

    darkbox is (a lot) faster than batbox and bg/fn.dll but only support console output, the console input must be got with an another command like batbox.

    Also, darkbox (and the examples) are fully compatible with Linux using Dos9 project.

    For batbox, you may like this pack : (official complete pack (source code, documentation, executables, spritebox (a tool for batbox)))

    1. darkbox on Linux using Dos9 :

    2. Wow ! Amazing Work! I'll definitely have a look at it and Post an article about it. But, It'll take some time. The concept of a batch server seems New and unique. I think it is the future of batch programming. :)



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