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ShowCur & NoCur Plugins v.1.0 | The Cousin Plugins | By Kvc

ShowCur Plugin v.1.0 | By Kvc
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Hey, Hello Guys. We are again back. But this time not with any new batch program or plugin. This time we are going to discuss, a pre-uploaded plugin. We'll take a look at its working and the possible scenarios, where these kind of plugins are needed. Both NoCur.exe & ShowCur.exe are similar batch plugins. They exhibits the same behavior. Although, working output of both plugins are opposite to each other. So, lets begin with the first plugin.

ShowCur & NoCur

The ShowCur.exe and NoCur.exe plugins can be assumed as the cousin plugins. The reason behind this terminology is simple, that they both are opposite of each other. Hence, they fulfill deficiency of each other's working. They are like, Light & Dark. Both are reason for each other's existence. Both are needed for a Proper balance. Thus, We have termed them as Cousin Plugins. 

About Both Plugins
Like all other Batch plugins, these are not simply Batch files. They are compiled versions of Batch file. Yeah, #TheBATeam still believes in the simplicity and easiness of the information access. But This time, we have provided Compiled plugins instead of batch version of plugins, only because of the fact that These plugins contains some special features only provided by the Batch Compiler, "Advanced Bat2Exe Converter". Because of this reason, we need to compile the batch files before we could use the special features provided by This Compiler. That's why, .Exe plugins instead of Regular .Bat plugins.

The Blinking Cursor | The Cousin Plugins By Kvc
The Blinking Cursor

Both cousins have similar working that is related to the Blinking Cursor of the cmd console. This Blinking cursor generally there to indicate the current position of the text insertion operation, and keeps on blinking to show that cmd is not Hanged in that operation and still working. 

As the Name of Both plugins indicates their working. But, for the sake of Formality... #TheBATeam is bound to say these obvious Words. So, Let's face them. 

NoCur.exe plugin is used to Hide the Blinking cursor from the cmd console. Because, In some applications, we need not to Show this blinking cursor. This may be because Our Application is GUI based and don't need to get input from keyboard, Thus we need NoCur.exe plugin for our Programs.

ShowCur.exe plugin, on the other hand is used for the opposite working. It is simply used to Bring back the hidden blinking cursor on the cmd console. This may be because Our application is either CUI or in GUI mode, we need to get an user input from the keyboard. e.g. Login Screens, Settings menu etc.

Example of using NoCur.exe | New Ongoing Project
Example of using NoCur.exe | New Ongoing Project

Both the batch plugins are simple to use. They both are about 145 KBs in size, which is quite much for a batch plugin. But in current time, When HDD are jumping upto 1 TB, We think KBs doesn't matter anymore. So, Let's talk about their usage.

Both plugins don't require any special parameters to pass. You just need to call them from your batch program and they will execute. You can simply use them as any of the Batch command, but without any parameter.

Problem with the Hotspot Creator v.2.0 | Design Flaw
Problem with the Hotspot Creator v.2.0 | Design Flaw

Here, in the above Image of Hotspot Creator v.2.0. There is a flaw in the GUI design. The blinking cursor seems irritating while using the GUI functionality of the Program. We forgot to use this awesome batch plugin named NoCur.exe while creating this program. But we'll fix all those issues in the v.3.0 of the Batch program. 

You can also use the traditional method of getting help in the cmd console by typing "NoCur /?" in the cmd Console for getting extra piece of help. And always remember, If in Doubt... Throw a formal, sweet, curious Comment in the comment field below. We'll help you out. Thanks.

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  1. I've always used another plugin for hiding the cursor, until I found this awesome article,
    the previous plugin I used for hiding the cursor was slow and there were many bugs in it, but this plugin is fast and without any bugs. Keep up the good work


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