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Rundll32.exe is Using High RAM and CPU | Fixed | By Kvc

Rundll32.exe is Using High RAM and CPU | Fixed | By Kvc
Rundll32.exe is Using High RAM and CPU | Fixed | By Kvc
Hello Guys! #TheBATeam is again back with another solution to your problem. On 25 November, 2016 (Technically, In our Last article) We talked about a recent problem faced by my Brother Namish. The Problem Of SVChost.exe is using High RAM, has annoyed Us both brothers too much. After many trials (As explained there in the article), we decided to make a permanent solution to this problem. And SVCHost Fixer was the result of #TheBATeam's efforts.

As we were not only the victim of this windows Bug. So, We decided to share it with all of you. And See, ow you gonna react to our this little project. And Tremendously, We got a fresh Comment from Iman. Iman Asked us about solving his own similar problem with the windows file Rundll32.exe. Which uses a lot of System resources (RAM and CPU), whenever Any Game is launched in the system. 

We researched about his problem, and we didn't get anything worthy than the info that, If user will end the process from Task Manager (i.e. Manually), then After a while - This annoying Bug again starts to crawl beneath the layers of your OS. Hence, We need to do a little modifications to the SVC host Fixer program and it was ready to go. So, basically the Fixer works as it is as for the SVChost.exe Bug. But, this time it will look for the Rundll32.exe process, instead of SVCHost.exe process. 

We've made few changes for making it a better Fixer for your Help. As you've explained that the Bug only started crawling, when you launched a game In your computer. So, Before Starting the game, You just need to Double click on the "Rundll32.exe Fixer By Kvc" and then, You can enjoy your game. Because, every-time the Process named Rundll32.exe will try to consume RAM  more than 200 MBs, Then this Fixer will remove it from the depth of its origin. 

So, Now you don't need to take care for these annoying bugs. Just Enjoy your games and Don't forget to leave the feedback about your gaming experience. We'll be waiting for your comments. 

Note: If you are using an antivirus, such as - AVG, Avast, Kaspersky etc. Then it will detect this fixer file as a Virus. But Believe me, It is not the case. You need to make the Fixer Program, "WhiteList" in your Antivirus. You can check the 86% Passing ratio of Rundll32.exe Fixer by Kvc via this link. which means, 86% of the antivirus has cleared this file, and it is not harmful for your system.

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit."
And we are completely agree with the above statement. Thus, we are maintaining quality over Quantity by providing all necessary details about the file, you gonna use in your System. 
I Hope you'll Like Our work in the field of Batch Programming, And this simple 700 KBs of Batch Program will Make your Life Much easier. You can make your own program solutions to your own problems too. Just You need to know few Batch Commands, and you are ready to go. Happy Coding!

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