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Svchost.exe is Using High RAM | Fixed | By Kvc

Svchost.exe is Using High RAM | Fixed | By Kvc
The Annoying Windows Process "Svchost.exe"
In this article, we gonna Talk about a new annoying thing that comes to #TheBATeam. Last month, We came across a New problem with windows 7. Who knows, this may arise in other distributions of windows too. So, That's why we are providing a common solution for all the windows users. who are Out there and dealing with this annoying problem. The solution is a simple patch, which keeps an Eye on the system processes and takes care of anything which can arise a problem in the OS.

Svchost.exe is Using High RAM | Task Manager
Svchost.exe is Using High RAM | Task Manager

One Day, When My Brother Namish was working on a college project and using few Video Editing programs along with Google Chrome. Suddenly The Laptop seems to be slower and it started OS Freezing. When He opened the Task-manager using Ctrl+Shift+Esc. The Svchost.exe was the process using the maximum RAM and making the system slower.

Simple, He Right clicked and ENded Process. And everyone seems to be Happy again. But, This didn't happened once or twice. I don't know the exact reason, why this Bug becomes activate? After Few Days of testing and observation, when I understood the behaviour of the process. And after little Research about this problem on Internet makes me understand that, it may arise due to Windows update settings.

Even after changing the update settings, doesn't affect at all. It keeps on happening on random intervals. So, I decided to make a Cure for this disease. And I came up with a Fix of this annoying problem. I named it as "Svchost Fixer | By Kvc". As per it's working and Function in the OS.

Explorer View of the Files
Explorer View of the Files

You can either Use the Compiled Exe version of the Fix, Or You can Open The 'For Programmer' folder and Use the Source Code File Directly. But, In second Case... You need to keep the Files folder with the Batch File in the same Location. Otherwise, It'll not work properly.

For Keeping Mess low. We have compiled all the library files and Source code file in one Exe. If you only want to fix your problem, Then you are good to go with the Svchost Fixer.exe, But If you are a Batch programmer and want to learn about the Algorithm and working of the Code. You can check it in the Folder nearby the Exe. 😎

Please Note: The Program Works in Background, Because unwanted CMD window can annoy and Disturb your normal working in the Computer. We'll Never Spam or break your trust. Becuase, Trust is the only thing We are earning From the #TheBATeam. You can trust Us on that.

And Few of the Antivirus Like, Kaspersky, AVG etc. are Somehow, detecting this simple batch program as Virus. If you are user of these antiviruses, You need to first whitelist this program and then you can use it.

You can see the Full Test Report of the File, Before Downloading and using it in Your computer. It has passed with 89.3% ratio. 

TheBATeam Logo on CMD Console | Click To Know More

"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."
Ernest Hemingway

I Hope you'll Like Our work in the field of Batch Programming, And this simple 800 KBs of Batch Program will Make your Life Much easier. You can make your own program solutions to your own problems too. Just You need to know few Batch Commands, and you are ready to go. Happy Coding!

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing...
Be Happy, Spread Happiness...

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  1. hello. can you do a same tutorial for fixing rundll32.exe high usage? whenever i launch any game on my pc or start it, rundll32.exe named file is started and slows down my pc. i have to end it manually from task manager which is difficult in games. Please make a solution thanks!

    1. Hey! Hope you are well. We Read about your Problem and We'll Provide a similar solution to your problem too. Please Be Patient for 2-3 Days. And we'll Add an article for solution regarding your problem. Thanks for showing Trust in #TheBATeam. 😎

    2. Thanks for the co-operation. #TheBATeam has left the solution for you @ the following link: Click Me Please !☺

      Have a Nice Day ahead. Waiting for your Response. Thanks.



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