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DarkBox - An Amazing Batch Server | By TSnake41

Plugins in Batch programming, are the Indirect way to make your batch programs - More Advance and Easy to Use. Although, They may seems to be an extra junk files along with your main batch file. But, Trust me - With proper handling and arrangement, We can use them without damaging the beauty of our batch program layout. What we need is the proper arrangement. But, Here we are going to talk about another better alternative for the batch plugins. 

DarkBox.exe is an Amazing Batch Server for the batch files. The Plugin / Server is created By One of the respected member of the Community, named 'Astie Teddy ' (TSnake41). We have seen many of their creations in the field of batch programming, and this Batch server is one of these amazing creations. So, Lets talk about this amazing Batch Server.

What is Darkbox Batch Server?
Darkbox.exe is a 3.50 KB of Batch plugin. which can only be used via a special method in your Batch programs. It is created In C Programming Language. The Darkbox will make your Batch programs much more advanced by providing the additional capabilities to the programmer, other than usual CMD commands. 
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Most of the cases, while we are using a batch plugins. we need to call the plugin each time we need in the program. Which makes the program slower & Bit Lengthier, Because CMD needs to look for that plugin in folders and then execute it externally. While with the Concept of Batch Server. We don't need to call any external plugin anymore. All the things we can do in other plugins, DarkBox.exe can easily provide.

How DarkBox Works?
When you'll add Darbox.exe with the special method to your Batch program. All It calls the Darkbox.exe only once. And rest of the program runs inside the local environment of the Darkbox. Thus, There is no wastage of time by calling the darkbox again and again. On the other hand, Darbox enhances the ability of few inbuilt commands (Echo command) to take extra parameters to perform special operations in the program. 

E.g. Echo command can only Print the text on the CMD console, But after combining with DarkBox Server. You can print text, Colorful text, in a single line of code. without calling any extra batch plugin. which makes your program Quite fast.

How to Use DarkBox?
Using Darkbox Batch Server is not a very difficult task. You just need to add 3-4 extra lines in the top of your batch program. And you are ready to go. The Creator TSnake41 refers this small group / module of extra code as "Launcher" of the Program. So,lets have a look at this launcher.

DarkBox - An Amazing Batch Server | By TSnake
The Launcher Explained
After adding these lines, you can use the Darkbox server's additional modified commands in your Batch program. But, This launcher is just for the basics. You need to add few more lines for proper functioning of the server in your code.

DarkBox - An Amazing Batch Server | By TSnake
The Advanced Launcher
After adding this little module in the Top of your main program, You can take advantage of the DarkBox Batch server. Till now, The server is only able to modify the Echo command. It allows some additional capabilities in the inbuilt echo command. Maybe, in future - we could be able to see some more inbuilt commands modified and enhanced.
The Enhanced Syntax
After including this amazing Batch server into your code. You will be able to use echo command in the following special manner. i.e. The Echo Command will be able to take additional parameters and gives out amazing & Beautiful output on the console.
-a: ascii argument: ascii
-d: display, argument: Text
-c: color, argument: color
-n: newline
-g: goto : arguments : x y
-s: clear screen ( cls )
-o origin : arguments : x y
-r: reset colors
-b: Echo back ( to temporarily disable interpreting commands - > secure use of echo and other external controls, vanishes with " echo -d" )
-w: wait : arguments : ms ( NOTE: The time is internal darkbox and not the interpreter )
These additional parameter can be used as displayed in the image below. We think, This will help you in understanding the concept easily via screenshots. lets see it.

DarkBox - An Amazing Batch Server | By TSnake41
Example of  Usage
You can also visit the official Documentation of the DarkBox server at the given link. This Documentation is officially provided by TSanke41. We've tested his creation on the various parameters and no bug or flaw found. But, If you find one... You can simply leave a comment below in the comment field. 

Final Words
At-last, We just wanna thank TSnake41 for his efforts in making this amazing batch plugin to replace most of the batch plugins. It is the hard work of one, serving all others. So, We thank them again for all of their hardwork for making the life of others better.

You can Download the Complete package from the link given Below. You'll get the Source code of the Batch Server and the test files to understand the usage of this amazing batch plugin as a server. These all files are provided and explained by TSnake41.

"Talent without working hard is nothing"
-Cristiano Ronaldo

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Download Link:

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  1. A great plugin, would be more useful if it had more commands. Awesome

    1. Exactly! But, Still it has given a great competition to our Favorite 'Batbox'. I Hope 'TSnake41' will read it, and add more upgrades to make DarkBox supirior than Battbox - in all senses. :)

    2. Hello !
      In 'bin', you may find other executables than darkbox like darkbox_i, they are "extentions" which add more features like input (darkbox_i), sound (darkbox_s.bat) or even creation of menus (makemenu (work in progress, still in preview)).
      More executables will be created in the future (darkbox_d for complex and simples ASCII graphics).

    3. Finally, The Beast is here! ☺ ☻
      Hi Tsnake41! We're glad to see your Comment. Yup, We've definitely checked those Extensions along with the amazing DarkBox.exe. But, we've got similar plugins to {Darkbox_i} with same functionalities, i.e. Batbox.exe,Fn.dll. And, almost all these are having same speed (Depends on the Processor too) while in Batch program.

      Creation of menus (with makemenu) Can be a new and unique thing. But, There was no documentation of using it along with the file. Thus, It is here in the articles. And, For taking Input from the User... We have got a better Altenative named "GetInput By Aacini". It is quite Efficient and Simple to understand plugin for taking User Input. But, with a little flaw of Distinguishing Mouse input from Keyboard in the batch program. But, All n all, GetInput Is better for taking Input.

      And, We are Glad to know about your upcoming inventions. Hope they'll be more easy to use and unique in working. ♥ ♥ ♥


  2. Hello, I just updated the whole project (darkbox command included).
    Nothing is changed inside darkbox (ommiting changes inside source code).
    However, some tools appeared (in tools/) like a lua interpreter and png2darkbox.
    Also a new external command (SockeT) which is wide is in progress, most of work is done however this is not currently "production-ready".

    This is a full rewrite (in C instead of C#) with a new design of this external command :

    1. Also, do not forget to see README file in tools/lua ;).

    2. Hi, TSnake41!
      We are Happy to Know about This update in the Darkbox project. We'll try to Write about the new version in few weeks. As, We were busy in some of our own projects and Little problems of life steel the hobby time. So, We need some time to Know more about the updates & publish about them on the blog.

      Thanks for your faith in TheBATeam. We'll try to fulfill your hopes! :)

    3. tsnake41 you using lua script?


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