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SuperBox - An Amazing Batch Server | By DarkBatcher

DarkBatcher keeps on contributing his work in order to make batch much more advanced and effective. The curiosity to learn & Make new things has always astonishes #TheBATeam. The Feeling inspires us to take motivation from such legends, and keep doing our work honestly without any greed. So, Before starting the talk about SuperBox - This is our salute to the DarkBatcher. Lets see, What is this SuperBox and How we can use it in our Batch Programs.

The Need for another Batch plugin is due to the fact that All the available plugins, specially DarkBatcher's own creation - Batbox.exe, was slower in repetitive loop calls. But as We've also analyzed that, Batbox can do multiple things in single go. which indirectly makes it faster, because it make the program execution faster. E.g. Loading a Batch Image, graph etc.
But, in some cases - Such as Game creation. We need to check key-presses in loop, then Batbox.exe fails due to slower response in loops. Although, it can also be used in games for faster graphics display - because of its ability to load whole screen buffer in one instance. But again, same issues with multiple loop calls.
All this delay is due to the reason that, CMD needs to call each time the plugin externally - whenever it is needed in the main program. But, this limitation of slower execution can be removed if we can convert all these external plugins into internal commands. This concept of increasing number of internal commands is used by DarkBatcher. So, He came up with the idea of a Batch Server.

What is a Batch Server?
A Batch Server is nothing but a kind of external batch plugin (*.exe). which you need to call with your main batch script (Special method of calling). The main difference in a server and Normal Plugin is that after calling a normal plugin, it exits from the main program after completing the task assigned. On the other hand, a Batch server takes over the current CMD environment and thus, provides additional internal commands for enhancing the program's output. The server keeps running in background, until you quit it by using '/q' method.

You can exit the server anytime, and switch back to the traditional CMD environment in the program. But after quitting the server, all the extra abilities vanish along with the server.

SuperBox - Batch Server
SuperBox is a simple 33 KBs of .Exe file, created and complied in C programming language. The File is originally created and distributed by DarkBatcher (One of the Batch Legends). He calls this as Batbox II, which directly means that he has launched an update of his previous batch plugin. The server provide all the functionalities provided by Batbox.exe but with additional advantage of  - "less execution time".
If you want to read the official documentation of SuperBox By DarkBatcher himself. You can visit This Link. But, Don't forget to turn on the Translator of you browser (if you are using Google Chrome) because, the article is in French.

How to Use SuperBox?
Using Superbox is quite easy and simple. All you need to Start the Server by your Main Batch Program. And the method is shown in the screenshot below.
SuperBox - An Amazing Batch Server | By DarkBatcher
You can change the 'name' by anything. It is just a instance / thread of the server. Thus, you can control multiple console Screens, via single Superbox server. This makes it much more cool and efficient to use the Superbox.

After Starting the server instance, Now you need to use it in your Current Batch Console. The following example maybe helpful in understanding the usage in batch programs.
SuperBox - An Amazing Batch Server | By DarkBatcher
The additional spaces are added by 'Google chrome translator'. So, you can skip them in your Program. '/g' & '/d' Don't contain any spaces in between. And there is no 'October' in the code... The line seems to be as:
"Echo /g 10 10 >%Sb%"
Now, Basically you know everything about using this amazing Batch Server in your program. But, before that you need to know the full command list, that is available with this server. Have a look at the Screenshot as follows:

And that's all you need to know to start using this amazing batch server in your batch programs. The advantages related to this new way of handling console input / output, has opened doors of opportunities and advantages for the batch programmers.
Advantages of SuperBox
There maybe more advantages to the usage of superbox than we can imagine at this instance of time. But, according to Darkbatcher - Using Superbox will provide you with the following benefits:
  1. SuperBox is Faster, as It saves the time delay in loading the .Exe plugin each time you use it in your program.
  2. You can store data for use on a subsequent command (which you can not do with batbox). A fictitious example:
      1. echo /loadsprite TheBATeam.sprite name_sprite > %sb%
      2. :: we load the sprite "TheBATeam.sprite" and we associate the name "name_sprite"
      3. echo /movesprite X Y name_sprite > %sb%
      4. :: place "name_sprite" at the coordinates X, Y
      5. echo /deletesprite name_sprite
      6. :: delete "name_sprite"
  3. Multiple consoles can be managed simultaneously with a single batch, since the batch can access all Superbox servers. For example:
      1. superbox console1
      2. set sb1=\.\pipe\console1
      3. start superbox \.\pipe\console2
      4. :: it's a trick for SuperBox to stay active, and does not stop once the server is running
      5. set sb2=\.\pipe\console2
      6. echo /d "A sentence in this console" > %sb1%
      7. echo /d "A sentence in the other" > %sb2%
So, That's all for the proper usage of SuperBox - An Amazing Batch Server | By DarkBatcher. If you are still in doubt or you want to add something extra in the article. You are welcome to comment in the section dedicated to the interaction below the article. Thanks for your time.

Keep Sharing, Keep learning...
Be Happy, Spread happiness...

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  1. Great Rival for DarkBox,I think TheBATeam should do a versus article like they did with batbox and fn.dll

    1. That's What we are currently working on. Thanks for the reminder pal.

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    1. Read the article and you'll know.

    2. teh article help not :D i am netherlands and can not copy the tekst

  3. I've got some problems with this program, i'm sending it so much data i'm getting the error: "All pipes are in use". I'm looking for a solution but i don't have one yet and it is pretty damm anoying


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