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Use both Mouse & Keyboard at Same Time in CMD | Advance Batch

Use both Mouse & Keyboard at Same Time in CMD | Advance Batch

All of we know, that CMD is a CUI based command interface. It can only detect Keyboard input. From the last Decade, Almost all Batch programmers are facing this problem of only single keyboard input / output with CMD console. Which makes their batch program boring and less effective. Considering this Problem in mind, Some Kind and Advanced Batch programmers - such as DarkBatcher, TSnake41, Misol101, aGerman etc, Created few batch plugins to make mouse input possible in the CMD.

Their approach towards solving the problem, is quite better. Because, It simply allows programmer to choose between either Mouse or Keyboard. But, If a program is Keyboard dedicated (Using these plugins), then it can only be operate using Keyboard. And same problem with only mouse operated Batch Programs.

Solution Found, But Another Problem Arises!
The Plugins they've created were very good and fast enough for the interaction in the main program. But, Their solutions plugins were only able to capture - Either Mouse or Keyboard input in the program. e.g. Batbox.exe, Fn.dll, Bg.exe. 
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Thus, Technically - If you are using anyone of these plugins in your batch program. Then it can either be fully keyboard based program or Fully Mouse based Program. The Best Example, of these programs are Hotspot Creator v.1.0, Which is fully Keyboard based. (uses no plugin). And Hotspot Creator v.2.0, Which is fully Mouse based. (Uses Batbox.exe)

Update Needed!
As, In Windows - We can provide any kind of input, Either mouse or Keyboard. That flexibility we need to implement in our batch programs to make them advanced enough for the layman user. Thus, The good programmers came forward and contributed in making other's life better. There are following basic plugins which can help you in handling both keyboard and mouse inputs on the CMD.

Both Mouse & Keyboard at Same Time

Here, We are providing a list of Batch Plugins - which can help you in selecting the plugin of your choice. We'll update this list as per the comments or suggestion from your side. If you think, we forgot something, or need to add or remove any plugin from the list, Do Comment. We'll try to act according to it.
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1. Input.exe | By Kvc

This is a Simple Batch plugin. compiled in Cpp Programming language. It can detect Both keyboard and mouse, whenever user gives input via either Mouse or keyboard. It will return some values in the return String. You can manipulate it in your programs to make them responsive. It Allows the Mouse Hover detection in CMD.

2. CmdWiz | By Misol101

CmdWiz is a 39 in 1 batch plugin. Which has tremendous options for making your batch program really professional and responsive. It is noticed that CmdWiz is slight faster than Input.exe in the response timing. Have a look at it, and share your views. It Allows the Mouse Hover detection in CMD.

3. GetInput | By Aacini 

This program read input from keyboard and mouse and return it via ERRORLEVEL. If no parameter is given, it waits for a key press or mouse button click and return a value that indicate the input accordingly to the table. It Allows the Mouse Hover detection in CMD.

"Are We missing Anything?"
If You think, that we have missed any plugin with the similar abilities, Please do comment about that (With genuine References). If you've created your own plugin, Prepare a complete documentation and Submit Your Work here. (with the source code 😎)
Thanks for Your time and interest in the article. We Hope You'll like it. See you in the Next articles.

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