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Can Powershell Replace CMD in Windows ?? | PowerShell Vs. CMD

February 05, 2017
Can Powershell Replace CMD in Windows ?? | PowerShell Vs. CMD

Does Powershell Replace CMD in Windows - After the Release of Windows 8, Everyone was little uncomfortable with the new interface and Layout of the OS. Keeping the feedback of users in mind, Windows 10 came with tremendous updates and features. But, it still kind of sucks as compared to windows 7, which is quite stable distribution of windows. And, it is one of the best OS's out there.

Can Powershell Replace CMD in Windows ?? | PowerShell Vs. CMDBut with the New Windows 10, Microsoft provides a new option to users in their 'Win + X' menu. (Power User Menu). You can Replace CMD with Powershell in the list options, or bash shell - depending on the requirement. 
The option only replaces CMD in the options, not in the files in background. You can still access it via RUN menu. So, Technically its not a permanent replacement of traditional CMD

Although, Windows has created Powershell as a advancement of CMD console. And, it seems to be inspired by Linux's Bash terminal. But, It is  bit slower than CMD. Also, Most of windows own tasks need batch processing of commands. And That's the reason why, Microsoft can't even think of replacing CMD with any other tool.

CMD is a small - But, very powerful tool. which windows has provided since, MS-DOS. Most of the people consider it nothing more than a Classic MS-DOS. Which has no usage in the Operating system for them. But in real, it is one of the essential tool for the operating system (windows) to sustain. If you want to use CMD as your default shell. You can do that changing the settings. 
As Per a Conversation with the official Microsoft personnel. (UPDATE, December 9) It is confirmed that CMD can't be replaced in Windows. And, All The other sources on Internet spreading the rumor about the Replacement of CMD with Powershell are just feeding their readers with misleading content and information. We Strongly not recommend to believe such misleading titles. As, Most of these titles are just for attracting Readers towards the Article. 

According to the Microsoft, Company is not replacing CMD. But, just changing the default focus of the shell towards Powershell than CMD. The Windows Cmd shell has a long heritage. It is an essential tool used by millions of businesses, users, and developers every day. It remains an integral part of Windows. 💜💜💜 

Meanwhile, Powershell be like!

So, Take out your Text Editors and start Coding in Batch. And, Create amazing inventions via power of programming. This is a very great news for the batch programmers, who became little insecure about the future of Batch Programming after reading such Misleading articles. 

Hopefully, You've felt relaxed and happy after reading this article about Powershell Replacing CMD in Windows. Now, you all know the truth. If you are still in doubt about anything related to CMD or Powershell. You can post them in the comment field below. We'll try to figure a way out for your Query together. Thanks for your time. 
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