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Why to use Plugins in Batch Programming? | Batch Basics

Plugins in Batch Programming: The Controversy Question of Using External Plugins in the Batch Programs is asked by many of the beginner Batch Programmers, including Myself. When I was learning about Batch, I often think of this question that - Why I Have to use External Plugins ? And, That time - No one was there to answer. But, With a long experience with Batch Programs and Few Projects like... Hotspot Creator, VideoStealer, Resistor Decoder etc. I almost understand the Value of using plugins in Batch Programming. So, Today we'll going to be talk about it in the form of points to understand the significance of Plugins.

You can also Download these External Plugins From here. But, Before that you must know the benefits of Using them. We'll talk about - How these Plugins can make things different in Your Batch Program. They are your First Step towards becoming an Advanced Batch Programmer. Let's Start with the first Point.

Why to use Plugins in Batch Programming? | Batch Basics

Significance of Plugins in Batch Programming:

You Know, Plugins can be useful in many ways. You can use them in many of your projects - That is the reason why, They are called Plugins, ofcourse! In a way, They are kind of Functions which - you can use and Share Externally with anyone. 
"Effort is important, But knowing where to make an effort - Makes all the difference!"

#1 Easy Life

Yup, Using Plugins in your batch Projects can lead to an Easy Life. This is all because of the Extra ordinary abilities provided by them. You can do tremendous things easily - which maybe you can't even do with pure batch. E.g. Displaying an Image in the CMD Console, Showing Mouse Hover in CMD etc. are Few examples of benefits.

#2 Smart Code (Instead of Hard-Code)

One of the main benefits of using external Batch Plugins are easy and smart coding. You don't even need to think about the complex algorithm of the plugin to do a specific task. Thus, The main code of your project becomes simple and easy. Which leads to smart coding.

#3 Space

Usage of Plugins in your batch program can also save the Space, in terms of Length of the Program. For Example, If you are using Float Function in your Batch Project. Then, you don't even Need to - First Define the Whole Float Values and Logic to the System (in Your main program). Because, All of that is already done in the Function itself. Thus, Resulting in the Short length and Small Batch Code. Hence, Saving Space.

#4 Time

Similar thing can be said about saving your Coding time with Plugins. As, You have to write smaller code. So, Smaller the code - Less will be the Time to complete the code. Hence, This Point is almost self explanatory. Still in Doubt? - I'll Recommend to read the para again. πŸ˜‚

#5 Advance Implementations

Advance Implementation are very easy and simple with plugins in your hands. becasue, They makes all complex things simple within just a single line in the main code. If you want to Show a Box in the CMD Console - All you need to do is, type "Call Box [X] [Y] [Length] [Width]". And, It will solve your problem in just a single line of Code. ❤πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

#6 Less Errors

Similarly, Smaller the Code - Less will be the chances of You making any mistake. Thus, Resulting in Bug - Free Code. And, If There's any bug - It will be easier to detect it in the code, becasue the Main COde is such smaller as compared to its output on the Console.

#7 Share-ability

Making of awesome, Plugins and Batch Functions is so amazing that it allows you to share your work with others to make their life better. And, It also makes you kind of famous in the Local Batch Comunity. It's All because of your advanced knowldege of using various commands in order to help others. So, Keep sharing - Keep Helping!

#8 Update-ability

One of another benefit of using plugins as, You can easily replace the older plugins with the newer ones - Without even affecing the Main Batch Code. This leads to Add additional functionalities in the next version of your project - while taking the older version as the base for the newer version. It Helps very much.

#9 Customization

Plugins add the options to make your batch program custom and advanced. You can add multiple plugins and changing just one parameter can lead to diffrent color and styling of your Project. This is another benefit of using the plugins in your Batch Project.

#10 Extends the area of Batch Programming

As you know, You can make plugin - using any of the programming language out there. So, Indirectly batch is so much flexible programming language - Which can have the properties of all other languages. although, Not all languages have this unique ability of adapting to any other language easily.
That's All we wanna share with you all. Hope, This was helpful. Please make sure to Follow Us from the Top-Right widget. If you are in doubt with any of the points discussed above OR you want to Add anything - you are welcome to make a comment below. We'll be happy to solve your Query! Thanks For Your time.
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