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How to Create `Advance Clickable Buttons` on CMD with Mouse Hover Enabled | Button Function 2.0 By Kvc

How to Create `Advance Clickable Buttons` on CMD with Mouse Hover Enabled | Button Function 2.0 By Kvc
Create Advance Clickable Buttons on CMD + Mouse Hover Enabled:
Today, In this article - I'm gonna share with you my New creation in the field of Batch Programming. This will definitely help you in making your batch programs much more simpler and Advanced. In the previous project, Speecher - A Pro Text-to-Speech Engine in Batch | By PaperTronics - When PaperTronics and I were talking on the Email about few problems related to the working of the project. I Personally analyzed few things from his genuine questions related to the usage and syntax of the Button function 1.0

I Noticed that, The Implementation is quite smart in Button function 1.0 - But, The usage for the End User (i.e. Main Programmer) is quite difficult. Although, this method provides a lot of flexibility to them. But, in a way - this one doesn't seems to be efficient way of achieving the goal of displaying Button. because, User (i.e. Main Programmer) need to first generate the code for the button and then has to fit it into the console using another line of code (by calling Batbox plugin). 

The main Problem arises, when They have to write the code to check for the button click. Because, It makes is Very Difficult for the programmers to calculate the length of the button and then, Write according to that. More the buttons on the console, more will be the mess in the main code. So, To reduce this mess. And, Taking the Batch programming to a new level. I started working on the Button function version 2.0, And Just because - We Also have The Ultimate - GetInput Plugin By Aacini. I Decided to also enhance the output by enabling the Mouse Hover. So, Lets Talk more about this new Button Function Version 2.0 By Kvc.

Advance Clickable Button on CMD with Mouse Hover

I've divided this article in basic three Sections - Based on the Questions that you would probably ask before even looking at the Function itself. So, I changed the layout of article a bit towards towards more professional.

What is button function?

Button function is a Portable Batch plugin / Function that you can use in your batch programs to make a mouse clickable button like layout on the CUI CMD Console. It is Created by Kvc. It will help you in creating complex colored buttons in just a single line of code on CMD. It’ll definitely Help in making Your Batch Programs much more Beautiful and Advance. And, makes your life much easier.

How to Create `Advance Clickable Buttons` on CMD with Mouse Hover Enabled | Button Function 2.0 By Kvc
A Sample Output on CMD

What’s New in ver.2.0?

As you already know about the Button function v.1.0 and its features. While, In this version – we’ve eliminated the limitations of the previous version.
  • Mouse Hover Detection
  • Specify all the required buttons in a single line.
  • Easy Usage than previous version.
  • Sexy & More Interactive Output in less lines of Code.
  • Removed Unnecessary Parameters (2nd Last Parameters, i.e. Shadow…)
  • Reduced the Efforts of main Batch Programmer by reducing Main Code. 😱
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All this is possible due to the astonishing GetInput Plugin by Aacini. In the v.2.0 - We’ve updated the usage of Batbox in Button function and now, It uses GetInput mainly. But, this doesn’t mean Batbox is completely eliminated. For the Lightning fast output on console – we still need Batbox – An Awesome Batch plugin by DarkBatcher. 😎

How to use it?

The Usage of this version 2.0 of Button Function is quite similar to the version 1.0. But, Not exactly Same. As you have read above, we’ve removed the unnecessary parameters from the syntax. So, we are afraid that you can’t directly replace button function v.1.0 with 2.0 in you projects – unless you do a little change in them. But, You don’t need to change them completely – so Don’t afraid. 😇
Let’s talk about the usage of this Button function v.2.0 in your batch programs. The following Screenshot will clear 90% of your doubts. And rest 10% are on me. 

How to Create `Advance Clickable Buttons` on CMD with Mouse Hover Enabled | Button Function 2.0 By Kvc
Help Menu
So, Technically… Button function 2.0 don’t directly uses GetInput, But this time it Generates a code for the getinput plugin , instead of Batbox. So, You need to have both in the path too.

If you are still in doubt about using it or something else. Watch the video embedded below. It will clarify it. Otherwise you are most welcome to ask them in the comments. You can also motivate us through your comments. We’ll be happy to see them. Thanks for your time.

In the End, I really thank to PaperTronics for asking me such questions - which lead me to think in this way. And, Result into making an upgrade to the Button Function for making Batch Programs more sexy and Beautiful - But, with less efforts. Our Goal of making Batch Programming an Easy and Powerful programming language is under progress.

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing...
Be Happy, Spread Happiness...



  1. thanks for showing , now i can advanced buttons

    1. We are Happy to help. :) Take it to the next level.

  2. how to do multiple outputs so if button 1 is clicked goto 1 and echo hi if button 2 is clicked goto 2 and echo L0L

    1. To solve a problem - We need to think in all aspects. The problem You are describing has simple solution. Just Try to think it as from bottom.

      E.g. ...
      If /I "%Errorlevel%" == "1" (Echo Hi && Goto 1)
      If /I "%Errorlevel%" == "2" (Echo LOL && Goto 2)

      This approach may solve your problem. Try to do the simple things before doing the complex ones! (Echo the text before going to some other module)

      Hope, We Helped!

  3. This, seem to be slow, it may just be my computer. Is there anyway to speed the program up?

    1. The Program / Function works fine in our system. :) Maybe it is your antivirus program - which is trying to scan the external exe's each time the function calls them. 'cuz I've seen some anti-viruses do that.

      You can whitelist/mark exceptions in your Anti-virus Database to run it in normal speed.

      You can know the Execution time of the program by this method.

      Little Test:
      Put the 'RC Function' in the same folder as Button Function 2.0 And, Open CMD As the location as Working Directory Now try the following command.

      RC Button.bat 15 15 A0 "Test Button" X _Var _Hover
      It will take normally 80ms (80 milli-seconds) to calculate and print the button on console. And, the button will be clickable - when you pass the saved variables through the GetInput plugin. :)

      Result Preview - 80ms to execute the command

      Hope, I Helped!

  4. Two questions? Is there a way to make the box have multiple colors (for example, a red outline and a green inside) and can I individually set the boxes hover color (I have three boxes, and I want one to not have any hover animation). Other than that thanks for the hard work! This plugin has helped me out a lot.

    1. :) Thanks for asking... I'll answer them separately!

      •> Is there a way to make the box have multiple colors (for example, a red outline and a green inside)?
      => In this version of Button (2.0), we've removed the feature of Outlining of the Button. But, If you are interested in putting a box with outer borders - You just need to Select the colors of the box as per your need. It is recommended to use Box Function 4.0 For this purpose.
      Usage Syntax: Call Box 35 10 8 10 - - ac 1 For your requirement

      •> Can I individually set the boxes hover color (I have three boxes, and I want one to not have any hover animation).
      => Yes! You can. You need to Read usage and implementation of Button Function 2.0 for this purpose. And, Guess What?
      I've also made a Youtube Tutorial on - How to Use Button Function 2.0 By Kvc.
      If you want one button to not have hover animation - It is quite impossible with the GetInput plugin (As, it will take the last hover color and apply it on the rest of the buttons - even though, you didn't provide the hover color for those buttons... but,) There's a trick that just came to my mind.

      Trick: Try, Putting the third button in the End of the Button Function syntax - And, keep the Hover color as same as the original color of the button. No one will notice, whether it is being hovered or not.

      Hope, this will help!
      Thanks for your appreciation! Your love keeps us alive. Help us grow, by sharing our work via one of the social platforms. We'll appreciate that. :)

  5. como hago para utilizar el button v2.0 lo descargue y el ejecutarlo se abre y cierra el cmd inmediatamente
    hay que hacer algo para instalarlo?

    1. No es necesario que lo instales. Simplemente siga el video tutorial y comprenderá su uso.

      Copie la función y sus dependencias en la misma carpeta que su programa. te ayudará a ejecutarlo más fácilmente.

  6. maybe a stupid question but how and where can I add a cmd commands under a button.

    1. You can join Our Discord Chat server. And, We can deal with the issue. Here, From this Sentence We can't get completely - what you are actually trying to implement. Joining the server may help.


  7. Hey, I've tried the buttons. It work just fine but I have a question. If I want to use them as a button like in any buttons would do, I have to make them as a variable. But how to do that? I've tried everything I could.

  8. Never mind, solved it already. Sorry to bother


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