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How to create 'List of Items' Easily In CMD? | List Function v.1.0

Create 'List of Items' Easily In CMD: One of the worst thing about Batch Programming is that, it has very limited tools and Library Files (Functions). So, You need to write Hell Lot of Code for creating a small thing for the user. This makes people think that it is not a Worthy language. And, Probably Worst of all the available programming languages out there. But, I'm here to tell you that - it is not the case. 

It is one of the most flexible, Easy to learn and Sexy Programming language. Because, of many various features. All it needs is the right tools & Functions for the right purposes. And, Today I'm going to introduce another awesome tool to take Batch Programming to the next level. List Function v.1.0 will allow you to easily create Advance GUI Batch Programs in just a single line of code. Simply Download the Function files and Directly use them in your Projects to make them more interactive. You'll also get a Test file, Which will directly show you the output of the Function. You can analyze the Code in the Test.bat file to understand it more.

Create 'List of Items' Easily In CMD:

Creating a List of Items in CMD can take lot of code. And, Due to this reason - Most of the Batch programs are Less GUI friendly. But, By using this Batch Function you can simply create Your Batch Programs more user friendly. Just you need to write a one line of code for it. And, This is our goal of making Batch Programming more Easy and Reliable.

What is list Function?

List Function is a Portable Batch Function. Which in real is a Simple Text file – Saved with the extension .bat. Which makes it a Batch Program. It uses other portable functions and plugins for its successful execution. You’ll get them all in the download package with an example file. You can use it in your Batch Programs to make them More effective GUI. It allows you to create List of items – Like the windows Context menu, at any specified X Y position on CMD.

What are its features?

The List function v.1.0 is a 4 Kbs of batch plugin, Created by Kvc. It uses Getlen function v.2.0 & Batbox – An awesome batch plugin by darkbatcher. Like all other creations by Kvc, this one also Lead us one step towards the GUI Batch Programs. It has the following features:

  • Easy to Use – One line of Code for Dynamic List creation.
  • Optimized algorithm makes the operation fast and smooth.
  • Makes your programs Sexy and interactive in Less Lines of Code.
  • Reduced the efforts of main programmer.
  • Generates a Dynamic list – Dynamic Vs Static Coding Technique.
  • Reduces mess in the main code.

So, In a way – List function 1.0 is an amazingly handy tool. Which can make your batch programs beautiful and more effective. All you need is to copy it in the path and you are ready to use it. So, Download it and Give it a try with your Programs. I hope, You'll use it with more innovation.

How to use it?

Using the List function is not a rocket science. If you’ve created a text file before in life – Congratulations, you can use it. All You need to write the syntax as Told in the Screenshot of help menu below. It will clear most of your doubts about its usage. But, We are always here to help you out with your queries too.

[Help Menu]
And, the Element of the list, that you’ll select with mouse click will be returned to the main program in the traditional Errorlevel variable. So, If you’ll click on 3rd option of the list. List function will be returning number '3' in the Errorlevel variable. But, if you’ll decline the list. I.e. Clicked outside of the list. Then it will return 0. So, that’s how you can use this information in your main program.
The following video will definitely help you out in understanding the concept of usage and its application in the batch programs. You can also ask your doubts in the comment field below. Or Motivate us through your comments. Thanks for your time.


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  1. nice but i know better way whith out any plugin

    1. :) Great! But, I think you should read the article again from the beginning. 'cuz this way you only need to Specify one line of Code. :)

    2. @Lego StopPro: Is your 'without any plugin method' available for public? 'cuz I am very interested. Maybe you can mail me at '', Thanks.


    3. sounak it works with mouse capable because a portion JavaScript to sit in, but am still doing so when it's done I email you okay?

    4. Sure.
      There is a way of pure batch by using debug.exe but as it is discontinued and not available in many systems it's wise to use .net hybrid instead.
      I'll be waiting for your script.


    5. debug.exe work not one my windows 7 :D


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