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How to Use CMD to Fix Your Computer Problems | Be a PC Expert

Use CMD to Fix Your Computer Problems: Most of the time - Our Computers don't co-operate with us. They keep on doing annoying things - even when we need them the most. No - I'm not talking about your girlfriend. Computers do have these features too. 😁 This happens often with me. whenever I'm working on some important college assignment or work. And, this little Box smells the importance of time and starts showing unwanted attitude.
How to Use CMD to Fix Your Computer Problems | Be a PC Expert
So, Here in this article - I'm gonna talk about the most common problems those I've Faced and Couldn't solve them with the traditional 'Windows Diagnostic Tool'. So, I Fixed Them with the help of CMD. Which is another amazing tool for making things easier in the Operating system - without much deep knowledge of things

All you need to do is to write some right words at right time in the Black Screen (Called 'CMD Console'). I'm going to reveal, few of my methods which I'm using from several years for becoming famous among my peers as a computer expert. Although, I'm a Mechanical Engineer. Who wants to learn and modify everything. 

"What I Enjoy the most is - 
Watching my Ideas take place And, Finally Comes to Life."

Although, You don't need to cram or remember too much for this purpose. You only need to know about few commands and All else is done by the computer itself. All you need to know that - which command you need to apply in that situation. And, that's not a difficult thing for a human being. So, without wasting any time - Let's dive into the Solutions.

Use CMD for Fixing Your Computer Problem:

Here, For keeping things simple and Easy to understand - I've divided the solutions based on Situations. You can also - Ask your queries about a situation in the comments (if you don't find it here). We'll try to help you out. 

#1. Network Connectivity Issues - 1 (IpConfig)

Most of the time my Internet stops working. And, Starts showing some Yellow Triangle on the Network Icon. And, When you'll Right Click > Troubleshoot Problems. It don't help at all. Most of the time it displays an error related to DNS, But don't fix it. No Problem - Just Open CMD as:
  • Press Windows + R > "CMD" > Enter.
  • Type the command: IPCONFIG /RELEASE 
  • After completing, Again Type: IPCONFIG /RENEW
  • Type: Exit > Enter.
Note: It doesn't matter if - you'll write it in caps or small letters. It will work. And, It probably solves 90% of Network Problems by resetting your IP.

#2. Network Connectivity Issues - 2 (Ping, Tracert)

This happens many time too. You Computer shows the normal Connectivity from the bottom right corner icon in the taskbar. But, In the browser - You can't access internet. To Check the broken connection. You can Open CMD and, Write the following command to check if the connection can be established.
"Ping" OR "Tracert"
While, Tracert will also tell you about all the Hops / Jumps Data is doing to reach to you. And, You can easily detect the broken link from the list.

#3. Hard-Disk Speed Issues (ChkDsk)

As Windows saves data Randomly on your Hard-disk drive. And, After a Long time interval - The Hard-Disk performace reduces. So, We need to First Defrag the HDD after a period of time. And, To Check the Performace and Repairing the BAD SECTORS because of mishandling / less maintainance. We need to Open CMD and Type - "CHKDSK /F". It will automatically - remove all the detected errors On your HDD. 😎

#4. Repair Operating System Files (SFC)

Due to Wrong installations of programs - those changes the Core Operating system files. Our OS Gets corrupted or behaves badly. So, You can simply fix those problems with a simpe one line command in the CMD. Just Write - "Sfc /scannow" to verify and fix the corrupted OS Files. This Command Helped me alot. Whenever I used a OS customizing program - Sometimes it got corrupted. And, then this command comes to play.

#5. Keep Eye on Important System Drivers (Driverquery)

Even in the Fresh Windows installation or in older one. This happens alot that the Heart of Software and Hardware - Called drivers are missing. So, To check all the currently installed drivers in your system And their version. You can simply write - DriverQuery in the CMD window. And, A list will pop-up in front of you. You can get important information from this list. 

#6. Maintain Your Battery Life (Powercfg)

Battery in an essential part of your laptop. It is only thing in your laptop - that has a controlled and sudden death type Behavior. We can maintain it and by preventing the overcharging of the battery. We can increase its life. Whereas, CMD's "Powercfg /BATTERYREPORT" Command will help you in keeping an eye on your battery behavior and its estimated life.

It generates a HTML Document, which you cn open with any web browser (including Internet Explorer 😦). And, You'll get a full information about your Battery.

#7. Know All your Computer Details (Systeminfo)

SystemInfo is an amazing Batch Command, Which Helps in getting all the info about a system with just a single Keystroke (Enter). You can Know about computer's Hardware, Software and the Users info too. It generates a text data and then displays it on the console. It may be useful in many instances.

Thats All. I Hope You'll like these simple but effective Tips about Your Computer handling experiance. This Information will definately increase your understanding about computers and you can easiily fix most of your common problems - using these tweaks. If you have any doubt about anything. You are most welcome to ask them in the comments. We'll try to help you out.

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing...
Be Happy, Spread Happiness...


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