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Speecher - A Pro Text-To-Speech Engine in Batch | By PaperTroncis

Speecher - A Pro Text-To-Speech Engine: Sometimes while reading a book or an article on the internet. We often stumble across a word that we don't know how to pronounce. We just jump into Google, search the word and press the volume icon and Google says that word for us. But, what to do when you have no active internet Connection! Google won't help you then. 😞

Speecher - A Pro Text-To-Speech Engine in Batch | By PaperTroncis
This is the part where Speecher comes in 😷 Speecher is an easy-to-use and efficient program that speaks what ever you type into it, in technical words its a Text-To-Speech engine. Although, You can also use it for other purposes too. It all depends upon your need and intelligence of using tools like Speecher for your benefit. You will get the direct download link for the Speecher Batch Engine. I hope, You'll find it useful - and may learn from its code. 💀

Why Speecher?
After reading the above, you might say, why should I use Speecher? Why not any other program? The answer to your Questions is as follows:
The Reasons are :
  • Its simple and easy-to-use for anybody - No Complex Interface for User.
  • No Need to Register for using it. 
  • No Serial / License Key Needed.
  • It has a light size compared to other Text-To-Speech software.
  • Its low on the CPU and uses very less battery life compared to other Text-to-Speech software.
  • Fully Economic and Efficient Batch Program.

Steps to use:
Using Speecher is Quite Simple and easy. Anyone, Who knows to "Double Click" in the computer can use it. All you Need to Double Click on the Speecher.Bat File to execute the program. And, You can easily trust Us for the quality and security of your Computer. Because, All of our programs are first Tested for any malware. @ VirusTotal. You can check the genuinanity Here.

  1. Open Speecher
  2. Click Start
  3. Click Text-To-Speech
  4. Type what you want Speecher to say
  5. Enjoy Speecher speak! 😱 😎

For A Programmer (How its Made?)
If you're a programmer, then there are 100% chances that you'll want to look into Speecher's code. while looking into its code, you'll notice that Speecher has Simple Text Based Code. (i.e. You can make it in Notepad) And, There is very less code - But, it does much more work than the length of the Code.
That is because, Karanveer aka Kvc helped me alot to reduce the code and make my program much efficient. He helped me improve the code and remove the bugs and like every other program on this website (, Speecher will keep getting new updates, sometimes an update will come out as soon as a month (that is if I finish its coding 😀)

The Best Thing!
And now finally! When this article is coming to an end, I will describe the best thing about Speecher - which is that you can use Speecher to make your videos look more interesting, consider this situation, you want make a YouTube video, but you don't have mic or your voice is not that good, what will you do then?
The simple answer is to open Speecher, type what you want to speak in the video, turn on your audio recording program and record what Speecher is saying and then add the sound to your video! It can't get more simple than that! 😋
"Help others achieve their dreams
And you will achieve yours."
-Les Brown
Atlast, I Hope you'll Like my work. If you find any bug or Doubt in the usage. Please leave a comment. I'll try to solve your problem. Until then, Enjoy your life. Thanks for your time. Happy Coding!

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