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How to Easily Create Advance 'List of Items' in CMD with Mouse Hover? | List Function v.2.0 | By Kvc

Easily Create Advance 'List of Items' in CMD: Hello There! Today, We are going to share another amazing contribution of TheBATeam as a Batch Plugin, which will take your batch programming experience to a whole new level. As, You've already seen and used the List Function v.1.0 in many of your Batch projects. But, In this New List Function v.2.0 - we are Providing additional advantages for the user. These new features in this version of List Function will definitely make your batch programs smaller and simple to make. 

How to Easily Create Advance 'List of Items' in CMD? | List Function v.2.0 | By Kvc
With making this List Function 2.0, we are near to our goal of Batch Programming Easy and More powerful than it was ever. You can simply download and use this awesome function in your programs. A Small introductory video about the usage of this function is also embedded in this article. You can get a hint from there too. Download and Enjoy the amazing simplicity to make your programs much more advance. Lets have a look at this function.

What is list Function?

Like all other Batch functions by Kvc, List Function v.2.0 is a Portable and easy to use Batch Plugin – that you can use in your batch programs for making them Clean and Beautiful. It allows you to print a List like layout on the CMD Console. Which you can use to get the user input. It is similar to the List Function v.1.0, in many ways. But, Contains some updates to the previous version. Read about the updates in the section below. Hope, You’ll like them.
How to Easily Create Advance 'List of Items' in CMD? | List Function v.2.0 | By Kvc

What’s new features in List Function 2.0?

Like Version 1.0, It displays a List Layout on CMD. But, With some advance updates. As, Now We know about GetInput Plugin by Aacini – which allows us to show Mouse Hover Effect on the CMD. Thus, This version 2.0 of the List Function will have following Features:
  1. Same Syntax as the List Function 1.0, No Change in the Usage – only in output.
  2. Fast Output than version 1.0 – Because It don’t use any Delay for the display of list.
  3. Mouse Hover Enabled – Helps in Better User interaction.
  4. A Tiny ‘X’ added to Top – Right of the ListBox – For Closing the list with no selection.
  5. Basic Keyboard support is added while usage – Press Esc to Close a list with no selection.
  6. Screen Size adaptation feature – Detects the Edge collision with the Console.
  7. Generates a Dynamic List like v.1.0 – Concept of Dynamic vs static coding.
  8. Reduces mess in the main code.
  9. Clean and Easy Usage – same as List function v.1.0 – No Change!
  10. Same Output method and technique – for Easy Updatability, portability of the function.
As, The usage syntax is same for both Version 1.0 & 2.0. So, You only need to Copy the Portable List.Bat file from the Downloaded folder to your Projects. And, the project will automatically get enhanced with mouse Hover enabled.
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You don’t even need to change a bit of Code of your project. We are here, enjoying the Benefit of Using Plugins in Batch & the concept of Dynamic vs. StaticCoding. The Difficult theoretical concepts that are result of my crazy thoughts, are coming to life in an extra ordinary way. I’m quite happy about it.

How to use it?

It doesn’t matter, How worthy a thing in life is – if the Usage of it is difficult and complex. It doesn’t deserve to be a great way of achieving the goal. So, Greatness can only be achieved with simplicity. That’s what this plugin / Function here – we are going to talk about. There’s nothing changed or new in the usage. It is same as the List Function 1.0. So, If you’ve read about v.1.0 or used it in your projects, then you can use this version in the same project too.
But, For the sake of formality – We need to show the traditional screenshot of the help menu for the new users, who jumped directly towards the ver.2.0 – even before understanding the v.1.0. Here’s the image for you all. J

How to Easily Create Advance 'List of Items' in CMD with Mouse Hover? | List Function v.2.0 | By Kvc
And, The value of the clicked option will be returned in the %Errorlevel% variable, same as V.1.0. And, No Selection – It will return ‘0’ as Errorlevel. Although, you can also Clarify most of your Doubts by watching the (3 min) video embedded below. Please Note, I’m going to show the simple Demo of the version 2.0 and not going to talk about the Code inside test file. As, It is the same test file we’ve used in version 1.0 (with no change at all). You can download the function from below (including the test file).

At last, I will only say One thing as I always do. I hope, You’ll like my work in the field of batch programming. And, You’ve understood – the concept of using it. If you are in doubt, feel free to ask your doubts in the comments. And, any appreciation will be highly respected.

We’re working hard to make Batch Programming an easy and powerful tool for programmers. And, I think we are moving on the right road. Anyways, Tell me what do you think about the function, about my hard-work, about the jawdroping output of the function. Thanks for your time. Happy coding.

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing...
Be Happy, Spread Happiness...



  1. but... work not ,

    1. This Function will only break, when we'll provide WRONG PARAMETERS to the Function. E.g. When we'll replace 'X' and 'Y' values for the list. Or the co-ordinates we are providing to display list, lies out of the console range.

      "Think Twice, CODE ONCE!"

      Always, double check your code. Because, it is not the computer / code which is faulty. It is always our logic and approach towards the goal, which results into bugs.

    2. all thins fine but still not working so

    3. it is not my code but your code i have nothing change and work not

    4. If it is working in video Demo. Then, it should work in all platforms. (not sure about, windows 98 or below :p ) TheBATeam always release its plugins after full confirmation of its working. The Code is Bug free, we are sure about it.

      You may have misplaced any plugin file, or overwritten something in the code.

    5. i have extract good and in a private map but that happens on my windows 7 and i think the problem is because your "list.bat"

    6. I have this issue on my Windows XP VM.
      Coords of differents '/g' are negative.
      Value of %_final% in List.bat :
      /c 0xfC /g -8 -13 /d "X" /c 0xf0 /g -22 -12 /d "New" /g -22 -11 /d "Save" /g -22 -10 /d "Open" /g -22 -9 /d "Namish" /g -22 -8 /d "Exit"

    7. Hi TSnake41,
      We are not sure about - why Function is behaving badly in Windows XP. But, The Values of '/g' coords depends on the initial CO-ordinates provided by the user.

      Can We know, about the initial CMD Command - which is initiating this kind of weird output in the '%_Final%' variable. This is kind of tricky, as everything worls fine in windows 7 & Above. But, Not tested in below versions. :/

    8. We are all talking about operating systems, bug in list.bat and stuff but two things are that should have been looked before is completely overlooked by us.
      1) If the error is not caused by list.bat and instead by any other plugin associate with it?
      2) Lego StopPro is dutch, Tsnake41 is french. Some commands of MS-DOS are highly language dependent. Like the deault choice command options in ENGLISH-US are Y/N whereas in GERMAN it is J/N(Ja/Nain)

      My assumption is that the error is being caused by "GetDim.bat"
      Can anyone try replacing GetDim.bat with this version

    9. Great Job Sounak!
      You Just solved a great problem with your amazing analyzing skills. The Main diffrence between The List function v.1.0 & v.2.0 is the GetDim batch Function. And, On analyzing your point with the problem. I think, this is the great problem due to Our assumptions, while making the plugin. We assumed that, Everyone on the planet is using Windows in English. That's our Bad. :/

      Thank God, We haven't Published it Yet! So, We'll Keep this mistake in mind while creating next plugins for batch. Once again, Great Job Sounak. And, Maybe we need to update all the links which are currently using these plugins as helping files in results.


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