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[Batch Game] The Maze Game By Sounak@9434 | Advance Batch

Maze Game By Sounak@9434: Maze game by Sounak@9434 is a great creation in Batch programming language. Creating a game in Batch, is not an easy task. And, creating a multi-tasking game – which can check for running time as well as user input at the same time is quite astonishing. Yes! You read it right, This game is a good example of the multi-threading in Batch.
[Batch Game] The Maze Game By Sounak@9434 | Advance Batch

You can learn many batch basics and tricks via analyzing the algorithm of this game. We talked with Sounak@9434 in mail about their work. They submitted the game to TheBATeam a long time ago. Maybe around the April month of this year. But, due to the busy schedule ‘cuz of college and stress. We can’t put the articles on the programs at the same time as they are submitted. We really apologize for the late service. But, We believe in the 2-point Rule. Which says that – “Fast, Cheap, Good” – Select any Two.
So, we’re trying to maintain the Quality of the articles and Blog itself. So, without wasting more of your time in the foolish talk of mine. Let’s have a look at the Game and its properties.

Maze Game By Sounak@9434

Maze game is an amazing creation of Sounak@9434. It is a approx. 5 KBs of Batch file. Which uses 4 Extra Batch plugins. Which allows the amazing output of the game even with this much smaller code. You’ll get the Complete game form the download link. But, Don’t forget to appreciate the Hard-work and creativity of Sounak@9434. 

[Batch Game] The Maze Game By Sounak@9434 | Advance Batch

When you'll open the game by Double clicking the Play.bat file. You'll see the above introduction screen. You can explore additional details via opening those options. Or You may also watch the following embedded video for more clarification about the game. 

Time Management

The Amazing thing about this game, which adds additional adventure to the game is the Count-down timer. Which gives the challenge to the player for completing the game in given time. In the video, I've failed many time just due to my slow nature. 

But, once I accepted the challenge of completing it in given time. I really managed to complete the maze in given time. So, if a snail like me, can enjoy this time controlled game. Then you can too. Give it a try.

The Maze Game-Play!

Watch the following video to have a look at the game and 'How to play it?'. You can download it from the link given below. You need to Use the W-S-A-D Keys for playing this game. I tried to use the Arrow keys - that's why you'll notice the beeps in the video. Which are caused due to Choice command - 'cuz I pressed wrong key. Have a look and enjoy the game for sure!

In the end, I hope, you'll like the article and the game. Feel free to leave a comment and ask any of your query related to the game. You can also appreciate Sounak via your comments. This may increase their moral to come up with more interesting creations in Batch. Thanks for your time. Happy Coding!
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