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How to Convert *.Exe binary files into Simple Text Files Using CMD | Batch Secrets | By Kvc

Convert *.Exe binary files into Simple Text Files: Sometimes, You have to send some Binary files via Email or via Facebook. And, Because of the security issues - They don't even let you send an *.exe format (executable file). Many of those formats are blocked for online file sharing - like, *.exe, *.bat, *.cmd, etc. It is always Hard to Send these files to others. And, Even if you'll manage to send them.

How to Convert *.Exe binary files into Simple Text Files Using CMD | Batch Secrets | By Kvc
Then, There is also an issue of managing lot of these binary files from one source. Like, In our Batch programs - we constantly use lot of plugins in our projects. Thus, We need to keep all of them in a separate folder (Generally named as "Files"). So, We can keep the Main Project File distinguishable from all other files. 

But, If we can convert all of these plugins into Simple Text (Hex). So, We can generate them on any system (using the Main Batch File). And, Then Reverse Engg. the Text (Hex) Code of Plugin into the Binary plugin files again. So, In a Way - We can still make single Batch File projects. Which will be very much advance than a pure batch file (because, it will first generate the plugins & then use them in execution).

Convert *.Exe binary files into Simple Text Files Using CMD

Conversion of an Exe File into simple Text File is quite simple process. All You need to remember one little command of CMD. And, You are ready for the conversion. Although, the conversion time depends on your processor speed and the Size of the file you are converting. 

We, as #TheBATeam Strongly recommend to use this method only on low sized binaries. A Limit can be upto 50 MBs. But, you can do this method on almost all file sizes. It all depends on you and your craziness with the files to handle. So, Without and delay - let's have a look at the main command.

Steps to Convert Binaries into Text:

Follow the following steps carefully. Because, The Placement of the binary file is much more important. So, Let's directly jump into the 3 magical steps:
  1. Hold Down the SHIFT Key and Right Click on the empty space near your binary file.
  2. Select 'Open Command Prompt Here' option from the list.
  3. Now, Type "Certutil -encode [Filename.exe] [OutputFile.txt]" in the Black Window (CMD).
  4. Close the CMD Prompt after it says "Command completed successfully".
  5. That's all.
How to Convert *.Exe binary files into Simple Text Files Using CMD | Batch Secrets | By Kvc
Converting Exe File into Text File
And, While You'll see the Converted Text File with any text editor. You'll find simple Hex Code Format. Now, You can send this file to anyone. or You can simply copy the code into your batch file and generate it through it. Later you can also decode it back into the binary format as follows.

Steps to Convert Text Back into Binaries:

Follow all the steps told above to encode the file. But, Instead of using the -encode in the command. Just replace it with -decode. Also, Keep in mind to switch the names of files. Otherwise, Your Output file will become the input file and vice versa.

How to Convert *.Exe binary files into Simple Text Files Using CMD | Batch Secrets | By Kvc
Converting Text File Back into Exe File

Compatibility & Testing

Please Do Note that, I've discovered this method from one of the great work of Icarus Lives. I really appreciate their work. And, We really thank them to share this great method with all of us. Although, Their Sample program has inspired us in many other ways too. But, For this article - we'll stick with this feature only. I've only tested and implemented this method in Windows 10 platform
If It don't work on other platforms, please inform us through your comments. we'll try to find the alternative for those Operating systems too. For the sake of Understanding, you can watch the video tutorial below. 

That's all from my side. I Can assume that you would like this article. And, If you have any questions regarding it. You can ask them in the comments section below. I'll be happy to answer them. Any suggestion will also be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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