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NirCMD vs CMDWiz | Battle for Functionality | By PaperTronics

NirCMD vs CMDWiz: Hey there! Today #TheBATeam is going compare the functionality of the two most amazing plugins to ever exist in the history of Batch Programming: NirCMD.exe | The Legendary Plugin & CMDWiz.exe | The Helper Plugin.

#TheBATeam is comparing the functionality because if we compared their parameters NirCMD would no doubt be the winner because it contains a lot more parameters than CMDWiz

However, CMDWiz does contain some parameters not found in NirCMD. That's why we decided to do a functionality battle, in which we'll compare the efficiency and the RAM and CPU usage of both the plugins so that we can get the best results and answer the question "Which Plugin Should I Use to make my Programs faster?"

NirCMD vs CMDWiz | Battle for Functionality:

Before Even starting to compare these two awesome legendary plugins of Batch Programming. We need to know a little about them. So, I'm going to explain a little about them here. Although, You can also read about them in the complete separate articles. They will help you in understanding them in better way. So, Without wasting any time - Let's have a look at them.

NirCMD :

NirCMD is possibly the most awesome plugin #TheBATeam has ever come across. That's because it has uncountable and jaw-dropping parameters. Some of which are not found in any other programming language easily. E.g Opening/closing the CD-ROM doors, lowering the opacity of the CMD window, increasing/decreasing the volume and many other parameters make NirCMD the Legendary Plugin. NirCMD was created by NirSofer. You can find more info about him and NirCMD here.

CMDWiz :

CMDWiz doesn't have as many parameters as NirCMD. But, it sure does contain some awesome parameters like Changing the CMD window font, Copying a block of characters from one pixel to another and many other parameters make CMDWiz the Helper Plugin. CMDWiz was created by Misol101. You can find more info about him and CMDWiz here.
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The Battle Begins:

Enough description about the plugins. Now, It's time for the match. Let's begin the Battle! We'll Analyze them on the basis of few platforms. And, to understand them better, We'll Represent the result in tabular form. So, The Battle rules are as simple as learning ABC:
  1. The table below consists the RAM Usage, the simplicity and some other things of both of these plugins,
  2. The blue text indicates the winning side
  3. Whichever plugin has the most winning (bluetext at the end, that plugin will be named "The Legendary Helper Plugin". 
Now, Let's begin!


32bit ver:43.5 KBs
64bit ver:114 KBs
74.3 KBs
 2.RAM Usage20 K100 K
3.CPU Usage9%6%
4.Easy-to-use YesNo
 5.Full Documentation YesNo
6.ResultThe Legendary HelperFast but complex

There you have it! After the complete inspections of both plugins on various parameters. We finally have the results. Which clearly states that - NirCmd is now the "Legendary Helper Plugin". Yay! :)
However, if you prefer your programs to be more efficient and if you're an experienced programmer, then CMDWiz is the way to go! Because, There are many unique things that only CMDWiz can do in your batch programs. But, Same can be said about the Nircmd.

So, Basically - It all depends on you. And, your Requirements in a particular project. You can read about both the plugins. And, select them on the basis of your matter of taste. Thus, we learn that it all depends on your personal experience and preferences.

In the end, I would like to have your feedback and queries about the article. Feel free to leave comments below. I'll try to help you out. Thanks for your time.

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  1. Hmm, I don't think NirCMD and CmdWiz are comparable, because NirCMD is primarily axed on system task automation while CmdWiz is more axed be as a console toolkit (tool for conhost).
    With NirCMD, you have thing to for example turn off monitor or even open/close cdrom door but with CmdWiz, you have thing to deal with conhost buffer or to get keys/mouse events from console.

    1. I could not agree less.

    2. I know! That's why in the end it is written "It is based on your requirement".



    1. Hey alan! TheBATeam can't post anything like that because VBS and Batch are both completely different programming languages. VBS is a scripting language and Batch is a command-based language.



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