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Pure Batch Vs. Mixed Batch | The Pros & Cons of Programming

Pure Batch Vs. Mixed Batch: Its been a while, When I was a beginner in Batch Programming. And, I didn't know about the concept of Pure Batch. I only Used to have one batch file for programming my projects. Which kind of itself says that - I was beginner. The concept of writing about this theoretical topic came to my mind, when I was re-memorizing my old days. Thus, I thought that - this topic may lead towards more clarification for beginners. 
Pure Batch Vs. Mixed Batch | The Pros & Cons of Programming

Because, when I was starting my journey of Computer programming through Batch. I Never had anything like this for helping me out. So, in a way - I'm trying to help those, who can become better programmers just by understanding the concept.

So, This article is just an analysis of TheBATeam about the various platforms of batch programming. We have hypothetically divided the Batch programming in two fields. 1) Pure Batch, 2) Mixed Batch. Although, there is no official definition of these terms, as these are generated by #TheBATeam. So, We are trying to define them, in order to make the user understand, what we are talking about. Thus, We'll talk about both of them in this article. Let's Have a look.

Pure Batch Vs. Mixed Batch | The Pros & Cons

As I'm kind of little crazy person. So, I keep on analyzing various things that I've learnt form the beginning to today. So, This crazy idea came into existence. If You've endured my foolish talk till now - then You are really great. Now, without wasting any time - let's have a look at the core of article.

Pure Batch | The Pros & Cons of Programming

Pure Batch Vs. Mixed Batch | The Pros & Cons of Programming
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Pure Batch: The Form of batch programming, where We don't use any Extra Batch plugin in our program. The Program is a single Bat file. The program can sustain itself in any platform of windows without depending on any other resource. Which means that, It don't need any other file in definite place for proper functioning. So, You can easily move around the file in your system. Or send them to others easily.

Mixed Batch | The Pros & Cons of Programming

Pure Batch Vs. Mixed Batch | The Pros & Cons of Programming
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Mixed Batch: The form of batch programming, where we do use extra / external batch plugins (maybe created in any other programming language) in our program. The Program is a single batch file, but depends on other supporting batch plugins / functions. The program can only sustain itself in all platform of windows, if the plugins are compatible with those platforms and will work on those platforms. 

The Pros & Cons of Programming

So, Basically - Pure batch is a single bat file, While mixed batch is a group of files along with a single batch file. One thing is for sure that - Pure Batch will work on every windows distribution. because, it is a single batch file using only the internal commands. But, It will have its limitations due to the limited commands and abilitites. 
But, With Mixed Batch - We can do almost everything in the CMD console. Form printing a 'dot' to printing an Image on the CMD console. Which is almost impossible with Pure batch. But, Maybe some plugins give error due to 16-bit and 64-bit platform conflict. So, The program may not work in those conditions. But, As per the updates - everyone on earth is almost using the 32-bit windows. So, we the programs designed for the 32-bit will also work on 64-bit.

So, If you are making an advanced program which can do tremendous things with CMD. You must need to have an eye on the compatibility issues of the program with other windows platform too. You can use the OS Function to detect the User's Operating system and give commands according to that.

Have a look at the video above and if you feel any doubt about anything. Feel free to leave a comment below. I'll try to help you out with your query. Any appreciation is also welcome. If this helped you - feel free to comment. Thanks for your time. Happy Coding!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Mixed batch provides more freedom and is easier to create where Pure batch makes stuff challenging and a lot of stuff is almost impossible by pure batch. Like getting mouse clicks.(There is a trick using debug.exe though) But still I found pure batch more interesting, to push batch to it's limits and do the almost impossible. Like moving text cursor, printing text in color and doing complex mathematical calculations. It's just a matter of taste.


    1. I hope other people of TheBATeam would agree with me.

    2. Exactly! Both methods, have their Pros & Cons. I'm Totally agreed with your opinion. And, to be better in Batch - we must know both methods. Otherwise, sticking with only one method will never make us better. :) Because, As The Human being - our motto should be,

      "Don't be the same! Be Better!" :)


    3. I second you too Sounak, since Pure Batch makes things more challenging than just writing a line or two of code to get some mouse clicks and changing the text colors and you're able to experience the fun in Batch Programming

    4. « Pure batch » and « Mixed Batch » are very differents things.
      Pure batch is fun sometimes but very limited.
      The limits are numerouses :
      - The speed is limited, just because advanced things are done using some hacks
      - The portability is limited, not only for NT systems, even for Unixes because it often break Dos9. However, this is not really the same issue but it's related to.
      - The possibilities is limited, for example, in pure batch, you can not open a new Window and use it's Device Context (DC) to use WGL, however, with a "server-like" external command, it is possible. An existing example is SockeT used on httpBat (and my tic-tac-toe as a comment in "Games") because there is no pure-batch way to use sockets in cmd (outside of code injection in cmd).

      So, pure batch can be fun, but have it's limits.

    5. Yeah, exactly! Pure Batch has it's limits. But as Kvc said, both have their own pros and cons! :)

  3. I agree with you TSnak41. As mentioned in my first post "a lot of stuff is almost impossible by pure batch". And yeah debug.exe simply means code injection and thus in many version of windows it is not available. The speed is terrible, especially in performance based codes. But still these two things is completely different and mostly depends on the knowledge and requirement of the user.



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