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The Sokoban Game using 'Notepad' | By Carlos | ♥ Amazing Batch Programming ♥

The Sokoban Game | By Carlos: Batch is an amazing Programming language, Not because of its simplicity and Easiness to learn. But Because, it is so much adaptable to other programming languages - through the tools called as "Batch Plugins". You can do almost everything with just writing a few lines in the simple text format. Sokoban by Carlos is a great example of this fact. 

The Sokoban Game | By Carlos | ♥ Amazing Batch Programming ♥

As, Sokoban is quite famous game on all levels of age. It is quite instructive game. And, Creating it in Batch is not an easy task to complete. But, Carlos did an awesome job there. They used the Great BG.exe Plugin for making their game more interactive and easy to play. I've tried this game and I must say, It needs a lot of patience to complete it. After a long struggle, I can only complete first 11 Levels. Tell me in the comments below, if you'll complete this one. 
Reverse Engg. a Compiled *.exe to *.bat File | Advance Batch

The Sokoban Game | By Carlos

Sokoban is an 19.2 KBs of Batch Game, Created by Carlos. As explained above, it uses Bg.exe as an external batch plugin to give a good user experience. You can simply Download this Game from the link give at the Bottom. I'm quite sure that it will not disappoint you.
The Sokoban Game | By Carlos | ♥ Amazing Batch Programming ♥
Preview in Windows 10

Carlos has used a very simple theme for the game, which complements the nature of game. The Important Package and the Player Icon is displayed in the Yellow color. While, the Storage locations for the packages are shown in Green Color.

How to Play?

Playing this game is easier. All you need to use is the Keyboard Arrow Keys, to move the character in the console. And, By moving the character you can push the boxes inside the Storage location. (Green Boxes)

RULES of Game:

Although, Sokoban is a famous game. but, If you are still not aware of, How to play it? Then, you must know the following rules to enjoy it:

  • You can only Push a Box, & Can't Pull it Back.
  • You need to Put all the Boxes (Yellow) into their Storage Locations. (Green)

But, If you want more Clarity on it. You can also watch the video Embedded below. It will definitely make you more understand about the game-play. But, do keep in mind that it has almost 150+ Levels (170 approx.) in just 19 KB of Text Code. So, You need to aware of the difficulty you'll face while trying to complete the game.

So, That's all. I Hope, You'll like this article. If you are in doubt about anything related to it, or You want to suggest something. You are welcome to the comments. I'll be try to help you out their. Thanks for your time. Happy Coding!

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing...
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Download Link: The Sokoban | By Carlos


  1. Hello. I'be remastered this old code, for works ok on windows 10. Inside this archive you can get the new version:

    1. Added this custom request in our to do list. we hope to post on this topic as soon as possible. thanks for sharing and making the batch community awesome! I personally really appreciate your work, because It helped me learning about batch a lot. you are really a legend in the batch world! :)


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