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[Batch Game] Blockout - 3D Tetris | 3D Graphics in CMD Gaming | By Misol101

Blockout - 3D Tetris | 3D Graphics in CMD Gaming: From those 2D games to the modern First Person Shooters - Video Games have come to a long way from - "How they were back in the day". And, There is a lot of improvement in graphics in the last decade. The problem with this evolution is that people no longer tend to play the old-fashioned 2D games like, Tetris and Minesweeper. Which are more fun, than just killing waves of zombies repeatedly.

Blockout - 3D Tetris | 3D Graphics in CMD Gaming | By Misol101

So, That's why Misol101 has recreated the Normal 2D Tetris to a fun and, Interactive 3D Tetris for the so-called "Modern Gamers" of the 21st Century. You can play this game simply by using your Keyboard as a controller. And, It uses amazing batch plugins for the Awesome 3D Output on the CMD console. So, without any further ado, let's get right into it!

Blockout - 3D Tetris

Blockout - 3D Tetris Seems to be an impossible creation - made possible. Because, It has amazing graphics, smooth gameplay, and an Impressive 3D UI, all in just a 133 Kb package! So, be sure to Download Blockout - 3D Tetris from the link given below! Believe me, you won't regret it! The Gameplay experience is quite great. And, As per the controlling keys of the game - It is great to play.

Blockout uses a total of 3 pluginsCmdWiz.exe, Cmdgfx.exe and bg.exe. It is quite fascinating, How using only 3 plugins can give you such jaw-dropping output on the console. Then again, as described in previous articles, Misol101 is one of the "Ultimate Level"  Batch programmers out there. 

And, TheBATeam respects their work. As there are lot of batch programmers - making and innovating great creations in batch - without any personal benefit. So, Their Hard-work and dedication deserves a lot of respect from our side. They are helping us, in learning new and Amazing ways of improving our limitations.


How to Play - Blockout - 3D Tetris

[Batch Game] Blockout - 3D Tetris | 3D Graphics in CMD Gaming | By Misol101
[Batch Game] Blockout - 3D Tetris | 3D Graphics in CMD Gaming | By Misol101
The main goal in Tetris is - to not let the pieces stack up to the top otherwise you'll lose. Once a 5x5 layer of blocks with the same color is formed,  the layer will be cleared. And, You need to arrange and fix the coming pieces in such manner. That, they should not Stack-up against the top wall. All, you need to do is to rotate, Move and position the pieces in a manner to fill the lower layer. So, that You can get more space for the coming pieces.

Move pieces with arrow keys, rotate them around z-axis using Z, rotate them around x-axis using X, rotate around y-axis with C, and drop the piece using spacebar. The Control and usage is quite simple and easy to understand. And, the 3D output on the CMD screen makes it much more sexy than before. 💗 💗If you'll remove more than one layer in a go you get more points!
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Although it might seem like a hard game to Play. But, When you get the hang of it - it's pretty easy. When, I first played this game - I too was frustrated by its difficulty. But, after playing it 3-4 times - I got the hang of it. As, It is pretty easy for me now. Anyways that's it for the article. Thanks for reading. I hope that you'll like the game. TheBATeam will be back with more quality content.  Also be sure to comment below what is your high score? :D

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  1. The Main command for the 3D is cmdgfx (by Mikael Sollenborn (misol1), the game author itself), with the 3d operation and it's sprite system.

    So, the batch code manage only all the logic and placement (not really easy however) the external since the external command manage rendering 2D and 3D stuff like a game engine or advanced library.

    Good job to him !

    1. Yeah I know right! And even though the plugin does most of the work, it's still hard to produce that much of a smooth gameplay. All in all Blockout is a great game.

    2. maybe you can do a tutorial about cmdgfx.exe?

    3. We'll post an article about cmdgfx too in the coming weeks! But since it's that much complex, we'll have to figure out it's usage too first!


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