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Display RGB Colors & Pixels in CMD Console | PixelDraw ver.1.5a Plugin | By D3nX & Kvc

Display RGB Colors in CMD Console: One of the main limitation of the CMDBatch Programming is displaying RGB Colors in the console window. Till Date, There is no official plugin, or method that allows us to Print a Colorful Object in the CMD Console. We can print the text in various colors provided to us. But, those colors are limited to 16.
Display RGB Colors & Pixels in CMD Console | PixelDraw Plugin | By D3nX
Use Pixels with 24-bit Colors in CMD | By PixelDraw

Unlike, the Windows Operating system - which can display almost all the color combination of RGB on screen. We only were stuck with selecting colors out of only 16 options. But, Now - the clouds are clear. And, As one of the great saying, "Need is the mother of Invention". One of great Programmers - named D3nX has created a great solution to our problem of limited colors & Displaying Pixels in CMD. So, Let's talk about this great creation of D3nX and How you can use it in your Programs.

Display RGB Colors & Pixels in CMD Console | PixelDraw By D3nX & Kvc

As already mentioned before, PixelDraw is an amazing creation of D3nX. It is created in Cpp programming language. So, In a way - we are using the flexibility of the Batch. And, accomplish our goals via plugins. The PixelDraw Plugin is of 1.64 MBs of size. And, it doesn't uses any other batch plugin to serve in the program. So, You can simply use it in any of your programs.

Display RGB Colors & Pixels in CMD Console | PixelDraw Plugin | By D3nX
Random Test of Concentric Circles with Pixels in Random Colors Inside CMD Console | Pixels in CMD

What are its Features?

PixelDraw Allows us to Print various Geometric Shapes and Objects (If defined) on the CMD Console with Pixels and RGB Colors. And, according to the color combination it provides us through the RGB Numbers. Previously we had... 

2^= 16 colors (means, 4-bit colors in CMD - by default)
2^24 = 256^3 (R=256, G=256, B=256 Colors, means 24-bit colors)

That means, The Amazing PixelDraw Plugin has provided us the opportunity of using 24-bit colors in the CMD Console. That is quite huge jump in the advancement from 4-bit to direct 24-bit. And, We are really thankful to D3nX for their Hard-work and Kind heart to make and share such great thing with all of us.

How to Use It?

This is probably the most important Question that is jumping in your mind. So, Without any delay - let's have a brief introduction to the usage of this great plugin. So, According to the Author of the great PixelDraw... 

The, Plugin can Draw Lines, Single Pixels, Square, Circle, Rectangle, Triangle etc. on the CMD console. And, All of them have probably the similar command. But, There will be a little change in the command as per the output object changes. Although, There is no official Help menu of the PixelDraw made By D3nX. So, They have provided help in a simple text Document.

Display RGB Colors & Pixels in CMD Console | PixelDraw Plugin | By D3nX
PixelDraw Help

Little Story of its Creation

For the First time, When D3nX Showed us their YouTube Video about their Plugin. We were shocked, as we were also working on the similar project. We named it as the 'g' Functions - as they allows the to print graphics on the CMD console. But, Due to lack of time and the Creativity of D3nX - We decided to share our research and work with them.

Display RGB Colors & Pixels in CMD Console | PixelDraw ver.1.5a Plugin | By D3nX & Kvc
TheBATeam's Logo in CMD Console Using Pixels
And, Thus - we dropped our 'gproject. Ans, Contributed in D3nX's PixelDraw. Which already has the feature of refreshing the console. If we want to clear the cmd console in any case. And, We were making all the pluins seperately - like... gLine.exe, gPixel.exe, gCircle.exe ... So, It will create a Family of 'g' plugins. But, each one of them were 1.3 MBs in size.

So, Practically it is not feasible and efficient to make multiple plugins of such huge size. But, with PixelDraw plugin - you'll get all the functionality within 1.64 MBs. Means, all the extra size compressed into one single plugin. So, that's why we prefer Their innovation over our dumbness. Watch the video to have more clarification about it.

If You have any doubt, or want to Improve the article by giving out suggestions. You are welcome in the comment field below. We'll try to help you out. Any appreciation will be encourage the author and TheBATeam to work more hard and contribute more in order to make this world a better place. Here's the Link to the Online Anti-virus Scan of the File that You gonna download to your system. It is perfectly safe and passed through all the anti-virus programs. Thanks for your time. Happy Coding!

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    1. You Should Try to Use the syntax as:

      PixelDraw /REFRESH

      This may help you in Clearing the graphical Output on the console. But, the trick with 'Mode [Size of console in chars]' command also resetsthe console output buffer.

      Hope, this will help.


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