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Get the 'Total Execution time' of a command? | The RC Function | By Rob van der Woude

Get the 'Total Execution time' of a command? | The RC Function | By Rob van der Woude
Simple is Efficient
Whether it's to print a Button on the console, or a menubar, we all use the external plugins to make our programs look nice and effective. But, what if, the plugin that you are calling, stops suddenly or freezes due to technical issues? Because the plugin is running in the background, There will not be any error on the console. But, the output on the cmd console will not be as expected. And, the confused user may stop using your program - leaving a bad reputation. 😞
But, what if I'll tell you - all of that could be prevented, just by using 1 simple plugin! It seems impossible, doesn't it? Well, not anymore, the RC Function is the solution to this problem! You can Analyze the 'Return Code' or Errorlevel of the program along with the execution time of the program / plugin itself. So, Download RC Function to your computer and start debugging Your Batch programs efficiently.

The RC Function | By Rob van der Woude

The RC Function not only gives you the Return Code (RC) of a command. It also gives you the execution time of a command! In other words, it tells you - if a command was successful or not. And, the time a command take to run. It uses Advanced Batch Coding to efficiently calculate the time and return code of a command and saves it in the Errorlevel variable.

It is created by Rob van der Woude who is another one of the Great Batch Programmers. who continue to increase the popularity of Batch Programming by developing such astonishing plugins. And, making the impossible become possible! Rob has coded this plugin very efficiently which results in a small file size of 2.09 KBs. So don't hesitate, download the RC function now from the download link! You'll find it very useful in debugging purposes.


Now that you know all about the RC function and its creator. There is only 1 thing left to know, and that is the Syntax of this astonishing plugin! By reading its features written above - you might be thinking that the syntax would be quite complex too... But it isn't! The syntax is quite simple and as the quote above states, "Simplicity is the soul of Efficiency!" And that's why, the syntax is quite simple, but the plugin itself is very efficient!

Get the 'Total Execution time' of a command? | The RC Function | By Rob van der Woude
Syntax of RC Function By Rob van der Woude
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Video Demonstration

Here's a Little 4 min. (approx) Demonstration of the RC Function By Rob van der Woude. You can watch this video to understand more about the Function & Its usage. When you'll Download RC Function to Your Computers. You can directly use it in your Batch programs or to Debug your Old Projects. Here's the List of Few Scenarios - where you can use this amazing Creation.

  • For Debugging the Programs
  • For Comparing the efficiency & effectiveness of Programs
  • Other Misc. purposes in a Batch program (Try & Catch errors method in Batch)

If you have any feedback or suggestion you want to tell us then be sure to comment down below in the comment section! Also, If you want your work to be here on our website then check out the Your Work tab. Be sure to download the RC Function using the download link below! Believe me, you won't regret it! That's it for the article. Thanks for your time! Happy Coding!

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    2. hey i want to upload my batch os, can you published in 1 month??

    3. Depends, if your Batch OS is an advanced one that has it's original apps that are created by you then we can post it. If it contains apps created by other programmers then it can't be accepted.

      There are many "Batch OS" on the internet and I personally think that they are trash since they are just a collection of apps and games, not what I would call a "Batch OS". I myself have created one and it's pretty basic. I created when I was learning Batch Programming.


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