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Know 'Length of String' including Special Characters | Getlen Function v3.0 | By Sounak@9434

Whether you're coding a plugin or a program, there is always the need to check the length of user input, TheBATeam realizes this problem and has created a solution to it - The Getlen Function v.3.0. And, although the Getlen plugin was released a few years ago - TheBATeam has been improving it ever since. And hence, the Getlen function v3.0 is now released! The problem with previous versions are resolved in this one. And, The main bug in Getlen function 2.0 was that - It can not return the length of the special characters. Like, !, %, ^, etc. symbols. So, If your string will contain any of these characters. Then, The function will not return the true length of the string.

Know 'Length of String' including Special Characters | Getlen v3.0 | By Sounak@9434
Find Length of String By Getlen Function v.3.0 | By Sounak@9434
Getlen function v3.0 is a great improvement over the previous versions. As the previous versions 1.0 used C++'s strlength function to calculate the length of the string. But, Version 2.0 uses the Batch itself - but has few bugs. While v3.0 uses "Advanced Batch Coding" to do the same thing. Read about its new features below! You can simply Download Getlen Function v.3.0 to your system. And, Use Getlen Function v.3.0 in your projects to make them more efficient. 

Getlen Function v3.0

Getlen function v3.0 is created by Kvc, But Modified and Bug Fixed By Sounak@9434. And, its size is of  1.80 KBs.  It calculates the length of the given string and returns it in the Environmental Errorlevel variable. It is quite fast and efficient as it only takes 10 ms to calculate the length. You can directly download it from the download link available below! 

The Function uses advanced method to calculate length of string. Instead of counting one character one by one - the algorithm divides the string in sets of power 2. And, Thus It only repeats the loop 13 times to calculate the string length up to 8000 characters. So, That is quite efficient and appropriate for your programs.

Features of Getlen Function v.3.0

If you've read the previous articles of Getlen function, then you'll notice that there are no speed improvements. And, the file size is also similar so you might be wondering - What are the new features in Getlen fn v3.0? 

Well, the answer is that although - there are no speed improvements. Whatsoever, there is a new feature which enables the programmer to detect special characters like ^. |, ~ etc. While in other getlen versions there was always a flaw which disabled the programmer to detect special characters. which annoyed many programmers, including Sounak@9434, and since he's a member of TheBATeam. He decided to fix this flaw and therefore creating Getlen fn v3.0.


Although there is a new feature introduced, the syntax is still the same as the previous versions. So, you can easily just replace the old Getlen v2.0 file in your programs with the new Getlen v3.0 file. And, it'll automatically start detecting special characters! So, Here we are Using the Portability, Sharability & updatability benefits of using the Batch Plugins in the Batch.

Know 'Length of String' including Special Characters | Getlen Function v3.0 | By Sounak@9434
Help Menu of Getlen v.3.0
If you have any suggestion on how we can improve the plugin, or if you want to contribute to TheBATeam, you're welcome in the comment section below! Also be sure to send us any programs that you want to be featured on the website, by clicking the Your Work tab located above. Thanks for your time! Happy Coding!

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