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Advanced Engg. Calculator | AutoCalc For Engineers v.1.0 - By Kvc

AutoCalc for Engineers - v.1.0 By Kvc: This one is not a new project of mine – It is an old creation. But, I just decided to share it with the world. Because, it may not be useful for everyone on the planet. But, it can easily demonstrate the advanced coding concepts in the batch (or any other programming language). Which can easily clarify - The advantage of using dynamic coding instead of Static Coding in batch.

Advance Engg. Calculater Using Dynamic Programming Concept | AutoCalc For Engineers v.1.0 - By Kvc
Advance Engg. Calculator Using Dynamic Programming Concept | AutoCalc For Engineers v.1.0 - By Kvc
And, Please Don't Ask - Why I haven't used latest versions of Plugins in this project. And, the reason I've already told in above paragraph. And, I'm not in the mood of Changing and upgrading it before uploading it. I think - this will be the example for those who want to understand the concept of Dynamic Programming via an example. Because, This is one of those project - which clarified most of my doubts about dynamism in Batch. 

I learned the concept of Dynamic Coding by Coding this Project in a Different Manner than usual. The AutoCalc Program I created during my college life. AutoCalc is mainly designed for calculating various forces and impacts of forces etc. And, it kept the Main Branch of Engineering in focus. Which is also the father of all other branches – Mechanical Engineering

The AutoCalc is not completed yet! Because, In the menu options – there are total 4 options. And, As My Friend ‘Suraj’ Only Provided Formulae for the Transmission Section. But, It will be easier to upgrade it with other formulae in hand. Because, we just need to change a little bit of code. The rest everything is dynamic enough to adjust according to the Database files in the back.
Resistor Decoder v.1.0 | By Kvc

AutoCalc For Engineers – v.1.0 By Kvc

The AutoCalc is a simple and, efficient advancement for the traditional hit & the trial method for calculating various aspects in automobile calculation. You can repeat the process thousands of time by applying different parameters. 

Advanced Engg. Calculator | AutoCalc For Engineers v.1.0 - By Kvc
Advanced Engg. Calculator | AutoCalc For Engineers v.1.0 - By Kvc
I’ve used the concept that – computers are quite quick in calculating – but, Humans are great in complex thinking. So, it can calculate hell lot of bulk calculations. And, the user can select from the results – which result is better suited for their need. And, they can get the corresponding parameters and results in a single output file. Which the program will provide at the desktop.

Features of Plugin / Story Behind project

The Project named “AutoCalc” is created – when I was a college student, pursuing my Engineering Degree. As, My Friend ‘Suraj’ needed to do 100s of iterations for finding out the right parameters for his Capstone project – Racing Car. Thus, He asked me for making things easier with using my programming skills. 

Advanced Engg. Calculator | AutoCalc For Engineers v.1.0 - By Kvc
Save File Dialog - Saves the output files to desktop & Parameters file to the Projects folder
Thus, the idea of creating a Calculator came to my mind. Which can take formulae and, calculate results based on the parameters provided. While working on the project – I learned many things myself about the mechanics of a car as well as – How to tackle Complex problems in programming by breaking it into smaller parts.

  • Simple & easy to Use via keyboard
  • Customized interface for the user (no traditional ‘Typing’ method)
  • Reads & Acts according to the rules created in the Database files
  • Updates the Whole Console Text rapidly (Because of Batbox Plugin)
  • Easy to add new Units of conversion for quantities (Weight, Length etc.)
  • Change the order of solving a problem (Database Rule File in Background)
The Stopwatch By Catur Surya

Usage of AutoCalc for Engineers

Downloading Autocalc & Using the Program is not that much difficult. Simply use the Arrow keys to navigate to the options that you can change in the program. And, Use the Enter Key to switch through various units (e.g. Kg, lb, grams etc.) You can read the instructions in the side bar of the program as follows:

Advanced Engg. Calculator | AutoCalc For Engineers v.1.0 - By Kvc
First Usage of Real Loading Preview with progress in Background

From Editor’s Desk

Even though, most of the formulae are dependent on the output of another formula in Engineering. So, there was a need for a Rule Database File. Which contains the order of the sequence in which each formula is being calculated. So, it can provide enough parameter for the next formulae to do its work. 

Simply Download AutoCalc from the link given below. And, You can disassemble and disintegrate the files to understand & Learn. Because, this is the method by which I learned most of the batch Programming. And, I've learned through the practice and applying whatever I Know. I hope this program will help you. Or otherwise, It will make you a crazy person like me. And, Don't Forget to Check the Virus Total Results before Downloading AutoCalc. It is Safe to Try it in your Own PC. As, You can see the same in the video embedded above. Have Trust & Happy Coding! 😊

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing...
Be Happy, Spread Happiness...


  1. Please provide source code.........

    1. The Source Code of the Project is already within the Download Link. You can Get it within the article itself. :)

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  3. My favourite project by you Mr.kvc!


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