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Make Advanced 'MenuBar' in CMD with Mouse Hover Enabled | Simple & Easy | MenuBar v.2.0 By Kvc

MenuBar Function v.2.0 By Kvc: After a Long time, I'm Back with another Core library function for Batch Programmers. Which will help them in creating advanced Menubar and its content in just a few lines of Code. And, If you are already aware of the Menubar Function v.1.0 By Kvc. And, You've tried it in your programs then you'll find the Version 2.0 More efficient, faster & Easy to use than ver.1.0. Simply Download Menubar Function And stick to the tutorial for knowing about its usage. Let's Have a look at it.

Menubar function 2.0 - Test File
Menubar function 2.0 - Test File 
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Menubar Function 2.0 By Kvc | Advanced Menubar

So, As You've already used the Menubar Function v.1.0 By Kvc. You may probably know that - this function prints a simple and effective Menubar on the CMD console. It is also a Portable Batch Function. You can add and change as many menu options you want. But, This version has little upgrades and makes more the process more easy and simple. But, Easy doesn;t mean - that it will give you simple output on CMD. You'll experience the amazing Dynamic and Mouse Hover enabled Output on the console. 
How to Easily Create Advance 'List of Items' in CMD with Mouse Hover? | List Function v.2.0 | By Kvc
I've also planned to make a 10-min. Challenge to Setup a Simple GUI in CMD Console. Hope, That video project will come out soon. But, till now - we were talking about the amazing Menubar Function 2.0. So, The Menubar function 2.0 is a 6.95 KBs of Batch File (Function) - which is slighter bigger than the ver.1.0 (6.14 KBs). Just because of the upgrades in the code & Function. So, without wasting any time... Let's know more about it.

Make Advanced 'MenuBar' in CMD with Mouse Hover Enabled | Simple & Easy | MenuBar v.2.0 By Kvc
Menubar Function 2.0 + Mouse hover Enabled

Features of Menubar Function 2.0

The Menubar Function 2.0 also uses List Function v.2.0 By Kvc for displaying the DropDown list of Menu Items. You can either use the List Function v.1.0 or List function 2.0 in this function as per your need. All you need to do is to replace the List.bat file with the required version of the List Function you want. It is quite fascinating - Isn't it? This flexibility is because of using Portable plugins in the Batch Programming.
Benefits of Creating and Using Plugins in Batch
  • Simple to Use and Understand. (only 4 parameters)
  • Easily allows getting Mouse Hover in CMD console.
  • Adds a lot of GUI in your Programs in only two lines of Code.
  • Flexible enough – for using with the List Function 1.0 or 2.0.
The Function needs you to Use Getinput Plugin by Aacini for taking user input in the Main program. As, Previously we were using Batbox - An Awesome batch Plugin | By Darkbatcher for that purpose. But, Getinput Plugin helps in Taking Both Mouse & Keyboard Input in Batch Programming. And, More over its feature allows to Get MOuse hover too. 

That is the reason - Menubar Function 1.0 Gives Output formatted for the usage with Batbox.exe Plugin. But, As Version 2.0 of Menubar Function is an advance - it gives Output formatted for usage with getinput.exe Plugin. 

Note: Must Check the Code and Method of Using Menubar Function 2.0 in the Test File inside the Project File you'll download from the link in the article.

Menubar 2.0 - Test File Code Demo
Menubar 2.0 - Test File Code Demo

How to use MenuBar Function 2.0?

Most of the usage is similar to the version 1.0. But, as this version contains tremendous upgrade in the output on the console screen. It has little changes in the main syntax. Now, This version doesn't take 2 parameters - Instead, it takes 4 Parameters. You'll feel more clarified by looking at the following Help Screen.

Menubar 2.0 - Help Menu
Menubar 2.0 - Help Menu
Please Note that, There are Two Extra parameters in the Syntax of the Menubar. And, Those are for the Usage with getinput Plugin by Aacini. So, you can easily get user input without creating any mess in the main program. (Read the Description of Parameters below the syntax in Image above.)

Video Demonstration of Menubar 2.0

And, As Always - We are also providing the simple and short video Demo of the usage of the Menubar Function 2.0. Simply Watch the Video embedded Below. And, You'll understand about the usage of this plugin more clearly. I Hope, Our efforts are paying off by making the life of other Batch programmers easy and better than before.

From Editor's Desk:

So, In the End - I like to simply Thank you for reading this far & Your support Keeps us alive. You can Download Menubar Function 2.0 From the link given. You'll find the included Demo Test.bat File within the Project zip file. Simply Execute it and you'll see the working of Menubar function 2.0. 

And, If You don't know anything about the Database File that Menubar Function 2.0 is using - We'll highly Recommend having a look at the Menubar Function 1.0 article. Because, that short article will simply clear most of your doubts. 
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 And, If You've liked Our work in the field of Batch programming. Or You have any doubt using this amazing Menubar Function 2.0 By Kvc. Please Feel free to Comment Below the post. We'll be happy to help you out. And, Appreciations are always welcome. Please Help us grow by Sharing the article - if you find it useful. Thanks for your time. Happy Coding!

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