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[Batch App] ListC | A Fully-Working GUI File Explorer in Batch | By Misol101

If you've ever wanted an alternative file explorer - which is way much better than the traditional one. But still, has all the functionality you ever needed. Then, you're in the right place! Because today, I'm going to present you the most efficient File Explorer ever, that takes Batch to a whole new level, that pushes Batch Programming off its limits, the application that gives you ultimate control over your files, the application which is known as ListC File Explorer!

[Batch App] ListC | A Fully-Working GUI File Explorer in Batch | By Misol101
ListC Explorer By Misol101

ListC File Explorer | By Misol101

The ListC File Explorer is a modified version of the ListB File Explorer which was also created by Misol101. The problem in the ListB File Explorer was that it ran extremely sluggish on Windows 10 machines, but that problem is now solved, by the new, ListC File Explorer!
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The ListC File Explorer is only of 27 KBs. But, don't let its small size fool you since it's functionality is unbeatable and it's GUI interface is way better than the traditional Windows Explorer. The ListC File Explorer uses 3 plugins to provide you with the astonishing GUI: CmdGfx, CmdWiz & GotoXY, all of which are created by Misol101.

Why should I use ListC?

You must be thinking, "Why should I use ListC? There are plenty other alternate file explorers on the internet, that I can use." There have been many File Explorers in Batch since it is easy to create them. Just use the DIR command and you're done! But ListC has one key feature that no other File Explorer in Batch does, and that feature is... File Opening! Yes! You read that right! This unique file explorer in Batch supports execution and editing of files and programs! Just like the traditional Windows file explorer does.

So, if you need a reason to install ListC File Explorer, there you have it! Read it again - Write it down - Smash it on your PC's screen - Do whatever you want with it! Anyways, aside from its key feature the ListC File Explorer also has some other great features like: 
  •  Multi-Tasker - Supports Mouse and Keyboard input simultaneously 
  • Keyboard Nerd Support - Has several keyboard shortcuts for convenience
  • Multi-Platform - Works on every Windows Platform 
  • Fast as a cheetah - Enables Fast and efficient file browsing
  • Light as a feather - Light-weight, unlike the traditional File Explorer


After reading about its amazing features, you must be waiting impatiently to read about how to use it, well that wait is over! Although ListC can be opened with something as simple as a double-click, there are some pretty advanced methods to open it too, for the programming nerds like me! 😎

listc [path] [width] [height] [-][columns] [extend_path\name] [mouse]
[path] - Specifies which folder to start in. If not specified, this is ".", the current folder
[width] - Number of columns
[rows] - Number of rows

[columns] - Number of file columns used (this can be changed while running by pressing 1-9). A negative value enables adaptive columns, and the number then represents the maximum number of columns.

[extend_path\name] - Path to optional script with extended functionality for Listc (this can be either an absolute path, or a PATH folder using the syntax for that). extendlistc.bat is included, and is pointed to by l.bat by assuming it is in a PATH folder.

[mouse] - If this argument is "Y", then mouse support is enabled (you can click on files to go there, double-click to view it, right double-click to run/invoke it)

About the Creator (Misol101)

The creator of ListC, Misol101 is greatly appreciated here at TheBATeam, along with some other great programmers. TheBATeam has posted many of their creations here on the website like Blockout, CmdWiz and much more to come in the future. Misol101 is one of those programmers, who not only constantly develop good and efficient programs for us, but also keep updating them and keep fixing the bugs in them.

As Misol101 did, he developed a File Explorer named ListB, but since it was so slow on Windows 10, he fixed it and developed ListC. Programmers like Misol101 will always be appreciated by TheBATeam. 
Knowledge will give you power, but character will offer respect.

So anyway, that's it for the article. If you enjoyed it then be sure to leave your feedback down in the comments below. Thanks for reading! 

VirusTotal verification for file safety: Link (Passed by 57 Anti-viruses)
Download Github Project Repository: Link

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  1. This app won't work for me. Just spams "cmdwiz.exe is not recognized as an internal external blah blah blah" if I move outside of its root folder. I also don't understand: how can I tell it to use mouse without defining the width and height and path and stuff too?

    1. Set "Path="%CD%";%Path%"

      Just add this line of code in the Beginning of the Main Source code file. Then, you can roam in whatever folder you want. :)

    2. All files should be added to one of the folders which is in your PATH environment variable. Also, it is highly advisable to run l.bat instead of listc.bat. It adds the current path automatically to the PATH variable. It also enables mouse support and it adapts itself to the current window size instead of forcing a size.

      To KVC: I would really appreciate if you would link to my original archive on MediaFire instead of your own copy. How else will you get changes if the archive is updated (like I did recently)? Also, it makes it possible for me to see download statistics for the file.


    3. Hi Misol101,

      Sry for the too late reply! But, Its better late than never. :)
      I understood your point, And - as long as the link to the updated archive will be of mediafire. We'll happily replace it with our private download link. Please provide the Link either in the comments or Email it to me @

      Glad to have you here! :)

    4. Hi Kvc,

      thanks :) As far as I know you have written about the following of my programs, I'm providing a link for each.

      Cmdwiz: (maybe confusing link name, but this archive contains both cmdwiz and gotoxy)

    5. Hi Misol101,

      I was about to change all the existing links with on TheBATeam's blog with the links those you've provided. But, as I tested one of them to check whether they are working links or not. But...

      As I downloaded the files & extracted them. I can only see the Plugin with Source Code. which is better ... if the user is a experienced programmer. But, For a New-bie - He'll not be able to understand - "How this is gonna work?" (In Simple words, I mean - No example etc. are given)

      Please, have a look at TheBATeam's links to your work And, See the important files alongside the main plugin those help the user to first enjoy the working of the plugin & then makes him curious about the usage of the plugin itself.

      Please Provide all these files in your repositories & we'll be happy to change links with your official links.

      Thanks for reading so far! :)


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