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GUI Loading-Bar in CMD - Batch Loading Screen effect | Loading Function 1.0 By Kvc

It is not always impossible to achieve most of the GUI in CMD or Batch via Scripting. But, Here in this article - I'm gonna say that - the time you spend in coding a simple GUI output in CMD console - will be saved now. And, You can use that precious saved time in innovating your project more. Because, If something already exists for our help - then it is not wise to do the task again and again (unless - you are trying to prove something or discovering something new). Download Loading Function 1.0 By Kvc - And, Enjoy the saved time. :)
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GUI Loading-Bar in CMD - Batch Loading Screen effect | Loading Function 1.0 By Kvc
Loading Function v.1.0 | By Kvc 
As, You can see in the above screenshot - The Loading Function displays simple Loading Bar Kinda Output on the CMD console (already formatted). And, You can make your personal project much more beautiful and simple using this kind of Batch Function libraries. TheBATeam's Goal is to make Batch programming Simple And Easy of everyone.
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GUI Loading-Bar in CMD - Batch Loading Screen effect

The Loading Function v.1.0 By Kvc is very simple to use. All you need to do is to Call the function by a simple line of Code. And, All of your complex Code will be represented as a sexy Loading-bar on the console screen. Let's have a look at its technical aspects.

GUI Loading-Bar in CMD - Batch Loading Screen effect | Loading Function 1.0 By Kvc
Can Make Loading bar as long as you want.

Loading Function 1.0 By Kvc

Although, you can Display a simple cmd loading bar using few lines of Code. But, The Loading Function v.1.0 By Kvc give little-advanced output and allows you to Select between - Definite loading and Relative Loading. And, you can select position and color of your loading bar as per your requirement. There are Lots of features of this function. We'll discuss them below.

What is Loading Function?

Loading Function v.1.0 By Kvc is a simple 4.71 KBs of Batch File (wrapped as a function). It uses Other Utilities of Batch for displaying lightening fast output on the CMD Console. The Loading Function  uses Following Functions to achieve the required goal in CMD console:
GUI Loading-Bar in CMD - Batch Loading Screen effect | Loading Function 1.0 By Kvc
Loading Function - And its dependencies!

What are the - "Features of Loading Function"?

Loading Function v.1.0 has great features all of them are simple and easy to understand. And, You can simply execute the complex looking output of the program into something great. The Features are arranged in a short list - to save a bit of time. :)
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  • Simple & Easy to Use - One line of Code in the main program. (See Syntax 'Loading /?')
  • Two Kinds of Loading - Definite & Indefinite
    • Definite: Where you know, the current position value of the progress bar. Eg: 46 (out of 100)
    • InDefinite: Where You are not sure - how much time it will take to complete. Eg: Similar to this video Tutorial.
  • Select Any Size of Loading bar length as per Requirement. (Auto-Adjust Feature.)
  • Change to any color.
  • Show Required Character as the loading Element inside the loading-bar.
  • Reverse Loading is also possible - Can be called 'Unloading' (Try values from 100 to 1)
  • Negative Values can also be taken by function and displays absolute value's result.
  • Values more than 100 are also allowed. They got trimmed between 0 & 100.
  • Adjust Loading bar's progress according to the total length of bar on the console.
  • Displays error, if Loading-bar dimensions exceed the current console settings. (Size)
  • Display Current 'Percentage' Position in the Middle of the Loading-bar. (eg. 46%)
GUI Loading-Bar in CMD - Batch Loading Screen effect | Loading Function 1.0 By Kvc
Reverse Loading or 'Unloading' is also possible.

How to use Loading Function after Download?

When You'll Download Loading Function to your system. And, Try to run the Test files within the folder. You'll find Syntax of Loading function in that file. But, We've also built the traditional Help menu for helping you out. you can simply take a look at the Following Image - or Try executing 'Loading /?' in the CMD console (keeping the Function files in the working directories). You'll see this Help menu.

GUI Loading-Bar in CMD - Batch Loading Screen effect | Loading Function 1.0 By Kvc
CMD Loading Function v.1.0 | By Kvc - help Menu
The Loading Function v.1.0 has made the batch loading screen effect much more simpler. Because, Batch Loading Bar requests were high. So, I decided to make an easy and simple alternative to traditional Long methods. :)

From Editor's Desk

In the End of this amazing & informative article regarding CMD Loading Animation & loading effect in CMD. I would like to ask you to give your opinions and responses regarding my work. And, Did you like the way I explain it and other things? Feel free to give your True feedbacks via comments below. It won't hurt you to spend 10 sec. to appreciate us. But, it may make our day better. :)
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Motivate us via your comments. :) And, If you want to share your work via this Website (Like we do here) - Feel free to visit 'Your Work' tab in the Menubar. We'll contact you regarding your entry within a week. :) Thanks for your time and faith. Happy coding!

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  1. Awesome! hey! I just made a batch file program... Is it possible to sell it?

    1. That is great! :)
      If it can help in making other's life better & You want to support Open Source, Then you can Happily Submit Your Work. (Same as TheBATeam is doing!)


  2. Awesome!!!
    But during display the progress bar, why the cursor always set to x=0, y=0
    Is it possible to set the cursor on the last row of progress bar instead of 0,0?

    1. Hi Unknown!

      It's a good question to ask. And, if you'll edit the Loading.bat Function File... In the End (Before exiting the function)... I've called Batbox plugin once. So, the program will work efficiently. But also in the same line of Code...

      Batbox %_Var_Box% /g %_Progress_bar_X% %_Progress_bar_Y% /c 0x%_Color% /d "%_Progress_bar%" /g %_Text_X% %_Text_Y% /c 0x%_Text_color% /d "%_Value%" /g 0 0 /c 0x07

      So, To fulfil your requirement - You simply need to remove this /g 0 0 Line from the Main function file. And, You Should get the desired output on the console. (Although, I have doubt that you may need to change the /g 0 0 to /g %_Net_Length% %Y%.)

      Just try to use the pre-existing variables, or make your own to get the required result. :) It's not a Rocket Science.

      I Hope, this will help. :)

  3. How can i make it faster loading?

    1. Faster?

      This Loading bar function will simply print a GUI Loading bar output on CMD console. And, the speed of your process will determine, how fast the last parameter to the loading bar will change in the main program.

      //if haven't read in the article... Here's explanation:
      Syntax: Loading [X] [Y] [Len] [color] [char] [border] [type] [value]

      You just have to change the last parameter (value) in each iteration... and, loading bar will work as per the call.


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